Is work noble?

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by YouFreeMe, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. YouFreeMe

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    In America, working long, hard hours is often touted as a virtue.

    Women, when scouting out future mates, are often advised to "marry a man who works hard."

    I wonder, from time to time, if working hard is really all that it is cracked up to be. How important is the daily grind?

    Obviously, bringing home money is important. But, is all work created equal? Are the endless hours of a CEO of a company just as noble as the self sacrificing behavior labor of an inner city teacher?

    What about the farmer? Is her work meaningful? The trash collector?

    How important is hard work? And, in your opinion, how high up is "hard working" on the most important traits a person can have?
  2. I have no clue when or why 'working hard' became a virtue. To me it sure as hell isn't. Would you really like to look back on your life when on your death bed and realise all you did was work hard?
    And who benefits most from your 'hard work'? It's surely not you.

    Enjoy life I'd say and chase dreams. Live and feel alive instead of being a slave of the fucked up system.
  3. IamnotaMan

    IamnotaMan I am Thor. On sabba-tickle. Still available via us

    I think its good to be determined, and not give up. But... you might do better working 10 years and then retiring than doing 40 odd of shit. Or working 5 hr a week than 40..

    This reminds me of some projects I have on. One is hard early on, then you can let it run itself. Another, is easy to do some things, then progessively more demanding in terms of time. And another is pretty laid back, doesn't feel like work. Which is most "virtuous"? IMO, the question is a bit meaningless.. I think.

    We are indoctrinated to think that hard work is essential in everything. However, I am adamant that working too hard can be detrimental/ silly in some things.
  4. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    I rather judge work by meaningful than noble. Trash has to be collected so yes it is meaningful work. Operating brains is also meaningful and also quite a bit more difficult/complex a job than trash collecting for example. Not saying it is a more meaninful job but certain things are associated with a person who can do such a job. I for one am not attracted by those things by definition (nor appalled by the way). And I also don't find hard work a neccessity in a partner when it doesn't have to be a neccessity. Take it easy if you can and please I'd think. It would be rather hypocritical anyway since I don't work long hours neither at the moment. I would say: I don't work hard, but I like working when I do. I just don't like to work a lot :D
  5. *MAMA*

    *MAMA* Perfectly Imperfect

    "Hard work" is kind of subjective. A lot of people think my job is hard work, but to me it's easy street. In all honesty, I don't think I work very hard at all.
  6. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    Jobs that are easy but regarded as really hard work are the best :D
  7. *MAMA*

    *MAMA* Perfectly Imperfect

    ^^^ agreed!! :D
  8. So you want to be regarded as someone who works hard.
  9. Piaf

    Piaf Senior Member

    What is your job?
  10. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    A good name is better than silver and gold.
  11. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    24/7 Hipforums posting.
  12. *MAMA*

    *MAMA* Perfectly Imperfect

    I run a home daycare.
  13. *MAMA*

    *MAMA* Perfectly Imperfect

    Nah, I usually sleep for a coupe hours.

    Edit: Also, I spend 90% of my awake time with children. The internet is my only source of grown up conversation during the day.
  14. Piaf

    Piaf Senior Member

    Oh cool. Good luck with that
  15. *MAMA*

    *MAMA* Perfectly Imperfect

  16. MeAgain

    MeAgain Dazed and Confused Staff Member Super Moderator

    When you're down and out, and all else fails...

    there's always work to be done.
  17. To me working hard is a virtue. Don't work yourself to death, but don't become a slacker relying on government hand outs either. As for my job I am an Avon representative, working to save up for a truck to start my pallet recycling business, plan on joining the Air Force once I'm off my medication, and then plan on being a tattoo artist, as well as make some money selling some live stock animals on the side.

    So I guess jack of all trade
  18. deviate

    deviate Senior Member

    Idle hands is the devil's playground
  19. jimmyjoe1

    jimmyjoe1 toker Lifetime Supporter

  20. I'm also signing up to be a secret shopper

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