Is Western Culture Superior?

Discussion in 'Activism' started by Jimbee68, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. wooleeheron

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    Most lab testing has already been replaced with computer simulations. Governments always want hard numbers, and they were doing stupid testing on countless animals just to give them their numbers. The problem with endangered species, is we are rapidly taking over the entire planet. You can even go to the south pole for a vacation. Of all the people that have ever lived in the last 10,000 years of civilization, half are alive today.
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    So some people are 10,000+ years old????:openmouth:
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  3. Deidre

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    I don’t think any one culture is superior. Every culture has positives and negatives but depending on one’sethnicity, you aren’t tied to just one culture if your family cherished certain ideals and values, in addition to the culture you’ve spent your life in.
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  4. wooleeheron

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    Modern science does not support the Biblical assertion that the earth is only 6,000 years old.
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    We're actually behind on hypersonic nukes. It's up for debate who has the gun.
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    Most of the time, it is just the pot calling the kettle black. All cultures have had their dark days.
    Yes, the Muslim culture does need updating for the few who use the Koran to justify abuse in their minds, but just look back to the way that we treated African slaves and the native population of countries like Australia.
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  7. Deidre

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    That's right, and this is why western culture isn't necessarily ''superior.''
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  8. Moonglow181

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    No, kindness should be innate, but let's face it, it is not with many people.
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  9. Deidre

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    Kindness starts with individuals...nations make up individuals. Maybe you should reflect on that. My response was to wilsjane.
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    Project much? lol

    I was replying to another poster, and you interjected with a snide comment to me. But, carry on. I'm not interested in arguing.
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    Fortunately countries like Bhutan still exist and their record of peaceful living and protecting the natural environment is excellent.
    With a population only half the size of London, things are a lot easier though and as we all know, their have been some terrible things in the countries that surround them.
    If we look at similarly sized counties in the remoter parts of the UK, I am sure that a similar peaceful coexistence exists today, as I am sure is the case in many other parts of the world.
    The only one thing that leaves a few black marks on Bhutan's pot is their attitude towards homosexuality.

    You are correct about much of the rest of the world, but at the end of the day, almost all of their problems boil down to greed of one type or another.
    In my opinion, greed is the curse of the human race and I think that few of us are not guilty at some level.
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  12. Deidre

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    I wasn't quoting you, though. lol I don't get offended if someone replies to others and not my post, it's not personal to your post.

    That said, I just read your post. I agree and disagree. Western culture gets some things wrong, and some things right. Like any other culture. I will say that Gandhi was somewhat of a visionary in that he seemed to foretell that if the world worked to mimic the west, it would morally and ethically, die. I can see where he was coming from, with that sentiment. But, everything goes in cycles, and maybe the west for all its errors, is learning from those errors. I try to be cautiously optimistic.
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  13. Moonglow181

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    but they are! (aliens still here)
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  14. Deidre

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    :sob: How did you know that? lol

    That's an interesting theory, I wonder about aliens. So many people say they are among us, taking human form, others say, they live underground. You could be right about being this ''advanced'' before, like if you look at ancient Egypt, how did they accomplish so much, with so little, in terms of resources. Our resources today seem to be much greater, and while we have advanced a lot, it does make you think about ancient civilizations. We have to be careful to not romanticize ancient life, though. They had many troubles, like women were treated like property, in many ancient cultures. Not really a time I'd (personally) like to time travel back to. lol So, there's always something we could do better, and that others did better before us, but there's always something worse. Maybe that's just life.
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  15. wilsjane

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    All healthy (in the medical sense) human beings have working sexual organs and produce hormones.
    I think that the major difference is the culture in which they are far more concealed. I do not regard this a a failing in their society. In fact I prefer it in many ways to the extrovert sexual behavior of some people today. Life was somewhat similar in the UK back in Victorian times and things seem to have become a lot worse since the advent of the internet..
    Likewise, I hate extrovert homosexuality, and consider an attack on a man as every bit as vile as the rape of a woman. However I disagree with a consensual homosexual relationship involving men or women being against the laws of a country.
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    Ahem--my complexion could be better.
  17. wilsjane

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    You have every right to chose how you live your life and no one should ever criticize or ridicule you.
    But regarding the laws, I think that they should include protecting your home and possessions. Clearly it would not be right for me to walk into your house and eat your food or take things that you have worked for. Likewise, when you go to the shops, it should be against the law to deliberately walk out without paying the shop owner.
    Although London me seem a world apart from you, only criminals have any reason to fear our police, of which our daughter is a member. She spends far more time directing lost tourists and trying to help the homeless than she does arresting people.
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  18. wilsjane

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    It is rare for anything to leave me completely perplexed, but this guy has certainly succeeded. I took his first post seriously, then I thought that he was a troll. Then I took him seriously again, but looking back, things are now not ringing true. Someone in his claimed position would be highly unlikely to be as brazen in his conversations, or as challenging to the point of rudeness and then somewhat apologetic in the next sentence.
    Now, when I sat down to reply to his last comment, I discover that he has removed all his posts and deleted his account.
    Also? do people living in his claimed part of the world have internet and smart phones among their lack of worldly possessions.

    I find nuclear power stations easier to understand than some people in this world.

    One thought that has occurred to me, is that he may have serious mental health issues and be living a fantasy.
    I came across this in the past when I was given responsibility for a care home during the recession and their was little going on in the film industry.
    Some of the guys living in these places have the brains of Einstein, but have dropped out of society to a point that they cannot fry an egg without setting the kitchen on fire and never bother with mundane things like turning the taps off and removing the plug after they have taken a bath.
    It is also quite common for staff to delete all their internet activities every night.

    Today, I am your confused nutty professor, so don't post anything that challenges me too much. :worried::worried::worried:
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  19. 6-eyed shaman

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    Yes. Western culture is superior.

    Western culture has been the blueprint for the ascent of humanity.

    I don’t get why people keep saying western culture sucks. If western culture sucks so much, why do so many people around the world fight so hard to get here?

    Some cultures are better than others.
  20. Noserider

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    Is any culture superior?

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