Is Trump the anti-christ if not what is?

Discussion in 'Christianity' started by unfocusedanakin, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. stormountainman

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    The mark of the Anti Christ and the mark of the residence of the Anti Christ. It's for damn sure not the address of the ACLU!
  2. hotwater

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    Yes Trump is like Damien Thorn in the movie Omen III: The Final Conflict, where actor Sam Neill played the successful billionaire and resident Antichrist with his eyes eventually on the white House.

    So yes Trump was born of a Jackal, he’s Lucifer, The Devil, The Fallen one, and Satan all wrapped up in one.

    Although The Children of the Desolate One Are Many, his negativity rating are up which means not all have fallen under the influence of the beast

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  3. Lynnbrown

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    I find it nothing short of bizarre that the biggest (self proclaimed) Christians I know almost 100% voted for that idiot. I also know that many of these crazy people know the bible - some of them even better than've wondered any number of times ..

    Do they, these supposedly deeply devoted, "good" Christians" have a different bible than me? Why is everything he does and has done that is totally and completely against the most basic of Christian tenets/principles completely ignored by the same people that cried when Michele Obama dared show her arms at the beach ? :rolleyes:

    ALL of these "Christians" are not dumb and in every single other aspect of their life seem to have sense! WHY and HOW do they ignore the fact he couldn't even name one single book of the bible? Much less how these same people are ready to rip into every other leader's private life, even when there is nothing to find...and yet they couldn't care less that he has had multiple affairs before this last Stormy Daniels thing came to light, has children from different wives, and promotes divisiveness and hate toward everyone that isn't from "HERE".

    He literally does and encourages things directly opposite to what the bible states should or should not be done. How is it possible they don't care that he talked about walking around the dressing rooms of the young pageants ladies as they dressed and in referring to women in general said to "just grab 'em by the pussy...because when you're a celebrity you can do that"???? How about when he said he could shoot someone down on 5th Ave and not lose voters...what leader even thinks this, much less says it - and STILL DOES NOT LOSE VOTERS??

    It is said the anti-Christ will do some miracles...(not from his own talent...but from the one he calls master) if Trump starts with the miracles, that will not only confirm what I think is highly possible but I wonder if these "Christian" true-blue idiots that voted him in will be able to recall anything from the bible. I will say I personally think there are so many hypocrites in that bunch of "Christians" that honestly, they probably couldn't care less, and a lot of them probably don't have any idea what the bible says anyway. smh

    As far as I'm concerned and have observed - many many otherwise "normal" perceptive people have completely lost their ability to discern between good and bad...and what a good leader is/does and what one does not. Just one off the top of my head - a good leader would not find it necessary, or even desirable, to tweet AT people, threaten people, #45 does. I could go on and on but this is just makes me sick and deeply baffled as to how he has fooled so many people, and it also makes me sick as to how many biased, prejudiced people still exist. I truly thought we, as a nation and people, had come further than that. Shows what optimism will get you, or rather what it got me...which is right back down to the reality that being cynical (about this insane, narcissistic president) is being realistic

    IF Trump isn't the anti-Christ, I would bet about everything I have that he knows them, and will be standing beside this person when they "take their place in the world".
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  4. McFuddy

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    Telling porkies? :tearsofjoy: I've never heard that before.
  5. Irminsul

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    I think it's in reference to porky pig telling lies lol.
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  6. BlackBillBlake

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    It's all very strange the way in which some of these 'Christians' carry on. I don't really get it, other than to assume that the attitudes which seem to go against the whole grain of Christ's message are a result of various different historical church traditions which have evolved in different places. It's as though some of these people think they don't have to accept the basic idea of 'love one another' - or perhaps they just don't get it, or again, their traditions wrap it up, distort and complicate it, politicize it even....If they read in their Bible, which I'm sure is the same as yours and mine, 'love one another' what is it they don't get? Why can't they see the obvious ramifications of such an injunction? It continues to puzzle me.

    And when a Christian of a different hue, namely the Pope was critical of DT during the campaign, DT just pretty much told him to shut up. He presumably is that confident that he knows better than the Pope what God doubt there must be some who voted for DT who think the Pope is the Anti christ......Bishop of Liverpool (Anglican) isn't impressed with DT

    It's really hard to know what to say. I wish we in the UK didn't have his visit going on as I type. There's going to be huge protests but it won't make any difference. Our failing government are desperate to get trade deals. They pin a lot on the relationship with the US - no doubt Trump just makes that more difficult.

    Evangelical Christians 'uncritical' in support for Trump, UK bishop says
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  7. Irminsul

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    ohhh look out, the Bishop from UK has an opinion. :tearsofjoy:
  8. themnax

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    the real anti-christ was saul of tarsus. everything in biblical 'prophesy', the spiritual and/or intended meaning of it, was fulfilled even before mohammid.
    (every belief ultimately makes the mistake of not recognizing its next chapter by putting literalism ahead of logic)
  9. BlackBillBlake

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    Even an Anglican bishop is entitled to have an opinion - so far. Even if like me you don't find their utterances particularly interesting or enlightening, still they're pretty harmless. More than can be said for many of their American co-religionists.
  10. Maccabee

    Maccabee Luke 22:35-38

    I don't think the poster is objecting to the Bishop having an opinion. In fact I think that's part of the point. Everybody has an opinion, however, unless you're an expert/authority on the subject in which you have an opinion on, your opinion is just that.

    (Too many opinions in my reply).
  11. LetLovinTakeHold

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    hes an oppourtunist. a spoiled manchild who saw an oppourunity to pander to the right and capitalize on their butthurt. nothing more
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  12. Seems like every president or political leader is called the anti-christ whilst in office. Republicans were saying the same thing about Obama not long ago. What else is new?
  13. BlackBillBlake

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    Maybe I'm naive to assume that a bishop has any knowledge of the christian religion, or that their opinion on matters concerning it has any value. However, if they don't who has?
  14. MeAgain

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    Ivanna Trump...wife number one of three...told her lawyer Michael Kennedy that Trump kept one of Hitler's books near his bed. It was My New World Order, not Mein Kampf.

    My New World Order is a collection of Hilter's speeches.
    Trump admitted to being given a copy of the book but he thought it was titled Mein Kampf or he also has Mein Kampf..
    Marty Davis has never confirmed that remark by Trump.
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  15. Irminsul

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    So, basically he kept a book of speeches.

    Better lose my mind..
  16. tikoo

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    Christ is not a person , maybe was , and can appear as a cloud > I've seen such a cloud . Hmmm.
    Yes , it is creative energy .

    Anti-creative energy is depression . Feel it ? It can kill .
  17. Maccabee

    Maccabee Luke 22:35-38

    I'm a Christian and I pay as much attention to the Bishop of England as I do with the Pope, as in not at all. They may be knowledgeable about the Bible, but I don't take them at every word. I take what they say and compare it to scripture.
  18. MeAgain

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  19. Irminsul

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    If you wanted to be a powerful speaker, would it not make sense to read and learn what the powerful speakers in history did, said and how it was delivered? Yes, yes it would make perfect sense, too much sense in fact.

    Poor bloke educates himself to better present himself and y'all wanna rip shreds off the guy. :tearsofjoy:

    Just remember, every powerful speaker in history also had a group of people trying to take them down. Should we start banning historic speeches now?
  20. Maccabee

    Maccabee Luke 22:35-38

    And Rommel was a master in tank warfare. And to this day, tankers around the world, including the US, studies his tactics.

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