Is this weed?

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by unemployed769, May 23, 2004.

  1. GuySmiley

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    Cheap soil produces cheap product. I have tried BOG's soil mix and thought it sucked. I use Fox farm "Ocean Forest" organic soil and my plant's health while growing, potency, taste, and yeilds, have raised considerably since using it. I tried many different mixes and brands before making my conclusion though. I know people that have had good yeilds in BOG's mix. I find that his mix tends to create alot of salt build ups that can cause nute lock and shitty pH fluctuations.

    Now, for the seeds. I recommend....:

    Their Northern Berry strain is one of the best around, especially for indoor growers. Northern Berry is a cross of Northern Lights #5 x Bluberry. I am smoking some now and it has me bombed!!!! They also give you 20 seeds when most companies only give you 10. MJ likes to throw in extras as well when he puts the seed packages together. His prices are the best. His Northern Lights #5 and his Blueberry strains are a knockout!!!! He also has an outdoor strain called "Texada Timewarp" that is phenominal!!!!!
  2. i have the same cell phone as you...

    oh and good luck on the grow, if you do decide to grow
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    even if that were weed, there is no way if would be flowering in 4 to 5 weeks out doors. harvest isnt til fall, late fall, early winter.
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    I use the EXACT same place. Yes their NB is the best around.Their genetics are just flat out amazing. Great stability. And yes cheap soil=shitty grow.

    The texada timewarp strain is an awsome plant. I know ppl who are growing some now. All in all PEAKSEEDS IS THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!!
  5. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

    Good price but not much of a selection.
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  7. blazer326

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    No are you kidding really
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    A wide selection doesn't mean much. Most seedbanks are not the actual GOWERS, they are just carrying different strains from different breeders. Peak Seeds grows their own strains and tests them until they are proven to be good producers. MJ has spent YEARS perfecting the strains he has available. Thus, the seeds come DIRECTLY from the grower. There is more quality assurance for me anyway.

    Peak Seeds got 4 1/2 stars out of 5 at Greenman's Seedbank Update page. Peak's seed germination % for me has always been 100%. His site is where you want to go to look for quality seedbanks....:
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    Yeah dumbass, I'm positive it's me. Are you gonna' plant those California Orange x NL#5 I sent ya'?
  10. blazer326

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    dumbass Eh..!! I know where you live TMP..!!
    Ummm...not until I move this summer I'm just gonna plant some shit seed (I already have). Did you check on them..?
    They are looking pretty good.
    But yeah I'm gonna plant those when I move.
  11. GuySmiley

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  12. blazer326

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    Which is why I'm ''practicing''
  13. GuySmiley

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    Good. If you have any questions, just ask.
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    That first picture in the first post looks like

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