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  1. so here is some background about my sex life. I have never had sex of any form until recently. I was completely 100 percent pure so their is no way that I have an std of any kind. This girl I met has also never had sex so my guess would be she is also 100 percent free of std. Anyway we had sex and it went well, than the next day we hooked up again for hours and it was a lot more physical needless to say my penis got chafed and beaten up lol. Anyway the next day It felt like I had to pee a lot and sometimes when I went to the bathroom I peed a lot sometimes I didn't. anyway the sensation went away and I was back to normal after about 36 hours. So again we hooked up and my penis was still a bit beaten up , it was not as intense as last time but still was hard on it. anyway, after she left I looked at my penis and the head of it was even more chafed and cracked. I have now the same peeing thing that happened a few days ago but it is getting progressively better the next day and my guess is i should be fine in another day. My question is, is the minor dryness and cracking on my penis related to the peeing thing I am having. Is it possible that i have some sort of problem? btw it has never happened before when we have hooked up. Also I am a very healthy young man who has never had any drying or chafing of my penis. So idk I just wanted to see what people thought.
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    Are you using a condom? Do you have any allergies to latex? That could be causing the dryness and what not. Maybe try switching to a different condom?

    It's normal for your penis to feel "beat up" after an intense sexual encounter. After a day or two it would be back to normal. Using some type of lube while having sex can help this.
  3. Ya, when we had sex I did use a condom and I was fine after. No known allergies to latex. The next day when we hooked up she gave me a lot of head and jacked me off for a long time. To be honest I am not a huge fan of a hand job, it was a long hand job without lube which I am guessing led to the dryness. I am going to let my penis heal fully before we go at it again and deff not gonna get a long hand job without lube. I am having no pain or anything peeing, nor is my penis really bothering me. I just looked some stuff up on google and got myself paranoid, and wanted to see what others thought.
  4. she could have thrush. Women can get that just by having a poor diet.
    It cracks the skin and feels like what your explaining. Usually leaves your knob looking like a cauliflower also.
    If it doesnt heal too quickly rub some body fungal cream on it for a couple weeks.

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