Is this normal?

Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals' started by IllCanabillyVanilly, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. IllCanabillyVanilly

    IllCanabillyVanilly Senior Member

    I just ate like 5 valiums and a soma litterally like 10 mins ago and im already feeling the affects. its weird the last time i did 5 vals, i barely caught a buzz, but now i feel like im in for a crazy night. maybe its the soma i added to the mix.
  2. What dosage were the diazepam and soma? If you take a few hits of some good MJ from your bowl you will feel superb! Trust me
  3. IllCanabillyVanilly

    IllCanabillyVanilly Senior Member

    dont got any MJ to smoke. :(

    the vals were 5mg. the soma was 350mg
  4. jia

    jia Member

    Interaction with the soma probably.

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