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Discussion in 'Writers Forum' started by sharon, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. next time the OP should just paint a signs saying "dont let your dog foul the path" that would be much more interesting
  2. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    LOL. Jokes aside though, I would recommend to all new writers who are not yet confident enough to write (i.e. those who ask a public forum if their work is boring, thus leaving their flank open to all sorts of criticism) to start writing about about things that they are familiar with, and trying to be open with their feelings.

    A very strong example, and a good guide of realism here, is both LA Matthews's and Dirty Dog's work.

    Obviously, you're not going to write like them if you've just started (and unfortunately you will never be able to write like me or Ronald), but try and keep things simple for yourselves, and build on that.

    Look at your work, and ask yourself, "Will another person reading this understand it?"

    Be honest with your answer. If the answer is "I don't care", then that will most likely be the answer of most people (who will just stop reading after the first sentence).

    The next question to ask yourself is, "Have I made my story interesting?"

    You don't have to be a creative concept genius like Ronald to be interesting. Have a little faith and patience with yourselves. Don't get immediately angry with criticism which you think is negative. Learn from it, feed from it, and use it as fertilizer to grow into a better writer. You'll never be one without getting your hands dirty, and the worst thing you can do is copy and paste dull and irrelevant masonic WASP quotes from coneheads, add links to someone else's work, add a couple of short and crap sentences like "I think that is the best philosopher in the history of the world" and then complete the sentences by copying and pasting opinions from American right wing sites that prey on their deliberately half-educated populace. If you do that, then whether you realize it or not, you are a troll, so don't be surprised if you get crucified by criticism.

    Other than that, if something is your own work, then you can at the most basic level be proud that it is your own individual work, and that you haven't been sent by some cockroach faction to infest a forum that has been designed to help people with their creative writing.
  3. Dirty Dog and LA Matthews are good examples of excellent writers, even though DirtyDog thinks I dont take him seriously enough and tries to hit me with the forum posters equivalent of a lump of 2x2 . that is the point tho the more seriously people take themselves the harder I like to laugh
    Yes I am glad that my creative genius is recognised I am going to be one of the greatest absurdists the world has ever seen I merely write absurdity because the world is absurd
    the more absurd my sentences the better I have written especially when I am criticising the smurfs for their lack of political responsibility, or comparing thomas paine to a third rate mugger that robs kind and gentle folk like Danton of their ideas and then gets ditched by the people he tried to sell them to! what a tosser ! he deserves peoples contempt just for ripping danton off but then alsoi for being kicked in the balls and told to fuck off by Washington
  4. dirtydog

    dirtydog Banned

    If Ronald is flattering me, it means either
    (1) he hasn't read what I've said about him, or
    (2) he genuinely likes my work (except "Naked Lunch Revisited", which everyone says is crap).

    So thanks Ronald, and I'll try not to insult you for a while, since you're being so nice to me.

    As for White Scorpion's work, I'll put up an opinion, after I get around to reading it. Seems like someone's paying him by the word, like Melville, Dana, Hunter Thompson or Norman Mailer.
  5. well I just read what you wrote about me and I am not surprised, at every opportunity you seem to try and hurt me but I only ever try to ridicule your work !

    I always hit the work never the man !

    and I always tell the truth !

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