Is there anything you want to say?

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by myself, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Krsna Bhakti

    Krsna Bhakti d-_-b JAMMING

    Wow and to think I had no idea all this time haha.
    I gave it up because it was causing me stomach pains. And now that I have been following through with it, I have gained much more respect for the animals, so there is a bit of a moral reasoning involved :)
  2. neponiatka

    neponiatka Senior Member

    i wanna say the lines from Jim Morrison's song: "we could be so good together"

    to one guy
  3. Kinky Ramona

    Kinky Ramona Back by popular demand!

    I want to tell Daniel's dad so much...I want to tell him how great his son is, what a beautiful person he is. I want his dad to appreciate his son like I do. I want him to see Daniel for the amazing human being he's grown up to be, not the little kid he used to push around. I'd love to have the guts to stand up to him, though I doubt it would keep him from ever feeling the need to drag Daniel into the dirt again.

    I also would love to have the words to tell Daniel just how much he's become to me over the last two years. I wish there were words stronger than "I love you."

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