Is there anything wrong with grains?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Spaceduck, Aug 25, 2005.

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    Grains (raw oats mostly) make up at least 50% of my diet, and until recently I thought it was the healthiest food on the planet. But recently I've been noticing some websites that mention grains (or "cereals") with cancer-causing stuff. They never go into detail, which makes me think it's a load of bunk. But does anyone have any concrete info? Are grains good or bad? :confused:
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    Perhaps this fits under "too much of anything is bad"? Perhaps too much fiber is not good for the intestines?

    My grandmother had Celiac.....grains were bad for her....wheat gluten to be specific. Do you know how many foods that is in? The list of what she COULD have was shorter....
    Also, the number of people diagnosed with this disease is increasing....the symptoms aren't always visible. My son's 5 year old friend was recently diagnosed, his only symptom was anemia.
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    Alot of food specialists are absolutely against grains.
    They contain acids that prevent proper mineral and protein absorption that also makes them more difficult to digest.
    All setbacks of raw grains can be side-stepped by pre-sprouting before eating or cooking. The growing embryo consumes the acids.

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