is there anyplace left for a hopeless romantic?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by rustwireinbrick, May 27, 2006.

  1. im 19 years old and iv never had a girlfriend, never held a hand, never kissed a girl.
    every girl i ever seem to begin to get close to almost instantly falls for some low life who treats them like a piece of ass instead of reconizing their true beauty.

    at any moment iv decided to talk with a girl that iv felt an emotion for, iv had crowds of dozens of people pop up out of know where and block me off from talking to girls that iv felt magnitized to as you could say. this would always happen in many different scenarios... walls would just pop up to the exterior envirorment of myself and within, preventing me from creating a relationship.

    and the girls that im friends with, apearently have no feelings for me other then as a friend, iv been ditched 7 times a week by girls who claimed to "realy like me" quoting, to have somthing come up and ruin the plans.

    is it realy only the players game that counts and the person inside meens nothing to girls anymore... all i seem to hear is they would love a nice guy.... but when i invite a girl over to talk and get to know her better, shes happy when she thinks were going to hook up... but when i say shes the most beautiful girl iv ever seen in my life, she lost interest in me, im nice and attractive, whats the deal, i feel like theres a wall keeping me from experiencing a relationship and i wont go for one nite stands.. so im pretty much scrood i guess you could say untill god decides to break these multiple relationship barrier of iv yet to understand.

    is there anyplace left for the hopeless romantic?

    never used this forum section before so im not sure if this is the right section.... but yea shitty moods = shitty mooded posts :eek:

    peace out

  2. Blighto

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  3. heron

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    dont think so brother, i've been where you are. I thought when i got older, it would be different, but had my heart broken to the same scenario this very year. You will find that one, i found mine.
  4. its mad shitty theres alot of guys like us out there
    thanks for the support
  5. BigKing

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    The 'Game' by neil Strauss (aka Style), it might just open your eye's to a whole new world.
  6. thanks for the advice but
    if i have to play a game to get a girl then she isnt worth getting...

    sex i can get easily if i tried, im not complaining about finding someone to get me laid.....

    and i was on fentanyl, klonopin, morphine and smoked a bowl when i wrote this post, opinions and personal feelings that arent normally shared get blurted out :/
  7. Suncatch22

    Suncatch22 Member

    Dude, maybe you ought to lay off the substances. At least not take all of them at once. :)

    Your original post reminds me a LOT of a guy I once knew ... a guy who gained the unofficial nickname "Suicide Andy." You're probably not really like him in real life, but keep in mind: It sometimes scares a girl (ahem ... like me) when she hears SO MUCH heavy stuff so soon. For example, Suicide Andy told me within a VERY short amount of time that he had "fallen for me" and thought I was "the only girl for him."

    WHOA! Stop the ride! I need to breathe! :D

    Just play it lightly. You'll find someone and be fine ... as hard as that might be to believe.

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