Is The War On Drugs All About Money?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AceK, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    What the hell is a semi-submersible sub... It's either a submarine or it's just a fucking boat.
  2. GeorgeJetStoned

    GeorgeJetStoned Odd Member

    A snorkel craft is one example. Most of these have been diesel boats that are totally enclosed and float just below the surface so they are hidden from radar and general view from the horizon, no profile. They are badly made from a human perspective, but most have been crewed by people who were extorted into it, usually by kidnapping a family member.

    To turn such a craft into a true submarine would take expensive air systems and regulators to keep the crew's eardrums intact. Or I guess they could go to scuba tanks and submerge to avoid interception for a short period. But without an electric motor on the engine shaft for piloting underwater, it would be a submerged sitting duck. Easily seen from the air during the day.

    What they SHOULD do is make a torpedo, larger than usual, solar charging. Then fire it from Cartagena on a GPS heading toward Louisiana. It would likely take several days, then when it's 20 miles from Louisiana, it shuts down and floats just below the surface while reporting it's position with a Spot locator. Smugglers take fishing boat to GPS coordinates and haul in product. Then the torpedo goes home!

    It's how I'd do it. But what do I know? I'm from 2062!
  3. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    So they aren't submarines... That was my point.
  4. Bud D

    Bud D Member

    Drugs money and power. I don't expect seed prices to go down for coca or cannabis. The cost of cuttings will always depend on the power they have over people. What gets people talking and who's in the know are always issues even if it's just gossip.

    Governments aren't really interested in cultivating drug induced or drug associated philosophy, religions or any sort of practice like that. I think they probably should since it inriches culture. Scientific research has a long way to go to support medical interest. Politicians mighty have to look at how their own mind operates and that would be bad for them. Lot's of them are scumbag hypocrites looking out for buisness interests. Sadly cannabis is a buisness interest so the little guy gets restricted by the legalization and the big guys influence policy.
  5. sickgirl

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    I thought about it and its interesting that they are making such a big deal about arresting El Chapo when pharmaceutical companies who are owned by rich people are making a "killing" on manufacturing drugs that a ridiculous amount of people are addicted to, and are dying from as well. People obtain these drugs both legally and "illegally," but the result is the same. Addiction. Example--people who get addicted to opiates and people who get prescriptions. Money is a huge factor, yes. Imagine all the money that these companies make off of addicted people who become both mentally and physically addicted to these drugs. But it's ok for them to sell people addictive drugs but drug dealers can't do it? It's because the drug dealers get to keep all of their profit and the government gets none. (Some pay off the cops, though, yes..) It's crazy.
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  6. Reefer Madness was all about money. But the war on drugs wasn't entirely. It was also about power and control. The official War on Drugs was largely aimed at silencing the black community and the hippie movement. The idea was to slap felony charges on them all so they lose their vote. Take them out of the system so they don't have to face the challenges to the status quo they presented.

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