Is super glue safe to use??

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by stonedimmaculate420, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. ok here is the thing i broke my glass bowl for my bong and i fixed it with super glue but im afraid to use it because i dont know if any got in the bowl now if i burn out the bowl will it be safe or can i just load it and go.
  2. jakesanders

    jakesanders Senior Member

    i was wonderig hte sme thing
  3. TeaWithATwist

    TeaWithATwist Banned

    Do NOT use Superglue on any area exposed to smoke, not a very good idea.

    Only time I would ever use Superglue on glass is if a marble or other decoration on a piece broke off.
  4. EllisDTripp

    EllisDTripp Green Secessionist

    Don't use it.

    Heated superglue releases toxic vapors. The only way to repair glass is to weld it back together with a torch. Either that, or buy a new bowl...
  5. BudBomb7

    BudBomb7 Member

    yeah man u can always order a new bowl online there are plenty of sites that sell spares.

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