Is Representative Ilhan Omar A Bigot?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tumbling.dice, Mar 8, 2019.

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    You know what I just realized.... the USA is a colony of Israel :fearscream:
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    Yes, she was saying that we reserve the Muslim language for things we don't like.

    If anything I would say she isn't being antisemitic. Everyone else is being anti-Muslim. She's just being stereotyped as someone who dislikes Jews because she's Muslim.
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    Why must everyone like everyone ?..
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    There are the everyday normal Jews and the elite conspiracy theory type of Jews who are not the normal every day Jew at all. We can't say anything bad about the fucked up policies of Israel or else we are just like Hitler and must want all Jews to die. It's silly but it works since people feel they can't say anything.

    Israel does what it does because they know the US military will support it. Personally I also have problem with the country of Israel and I think it's great these problems are discussed.

    Sadly many right wing Americans are also Evangelical. For the Evangelical the Jewish person is a pet you must keep in good shape or else no heaven for you. They need Israel to exist so Jesus can be resurrected. So the country is one of those issues where church and state always mix.

    I made a huge mistake when I met two Israeli Jews. I made a comment how I did not agree with the Muslim hate in my country. They said "how can you say that they are our enemy". That told me a lot and the right wing hear loves that idea too. If not for religion Israel is good since they also fight Islam.
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    It's one thing to be anti Semitic, and another to be against Israel's policy toward the Palestinians.
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