Is Representative Ilhan Omar A Bigot?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tumbling.dice, Mar 8, 2019.

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    I haven't read anything on the forums about this (though I am not on during the day) so thought I'd bring it up myself. Representative Ilhan Omar has been taking heat for comments she made regarding Israel and those who support Israel that, frankly, make her look like an anti-Semite. Ms. Omar has said that pro-Israel activists were pushing “for allegiance to a foreign country” — a remark that critics in both parties say plays into the anti-Semitic accusation of “dual loyalty.” This comes after she had earlier said that support for Israel was about "the Benjamins", a reference to $100 bills that echoes a common anti-Semitic belief that Jewish money is controlling foreign policy.

    Someone on the forums has stated that 'not all Republicans are racist, but all racists are Republicans.' Does this sentiment extend to bigotry in general? If so, how does Ms. Omar, a Democrat, fit into all this? Has the reaction of House leadership been sufficient? Should she be expelled? What if a Republican congressman had made the same comments? Would there be more outrage? Just curious.
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    Didn't she marry her brother? LOL
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    my bad..
  4. Meliai

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    ^no. Stop reading Breitbart (edit, arrow pointing at 6)

    Anyways I agree with her about America's allegience to Israel.

    And I was sort of dumbfounded that her second remark was misconstrued as an anti semitic trope. I've never heard it before. She's around my age, chances are she hasn't either.

    Her first remark, of course everyone knows the trope about jews and money but I thought it was pretty clear she was referring to money in politics in general and more specifically in support of Israel.

    I see this as illuminating a bigger problem with the fact that questioning America's monetary and military support of Israel is very, very taboo.

    And it shouldnt be.
    And I think establishment Democrats and Republicans are trying to stifle anyone's right to question our support of Israel.

    Also as a side note I would like to point out not all Jews are zionists. Some actually agree with Ilhan Omar
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  5. Orison

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    my bad again..
  6. Meliai

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    Also I want to comment on this

    There are Republicans who have said much worse. Our own president said there were some good people mixed in a group of people who marched with torches while chanting Jews will not replace us. There are other examples of blatant anti semitism in the Republican party that I dont have the energy to look up now so you dont have to take my word for it

    So I find it rather concerning that the Democratic party is so willing to eat their own. But thats always been their MO
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    OMG I lurve her!!!!!!
  8. Meliai

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    You agree with her lol. You've voiced criticism over America's support of Israel on multiple occasions
  9. tumbling.dice

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    Well, when a Republican is caught in an extramarital or homosexual affair, let's say, it puts the GOP (what with their 'family values') in an awkward position. I always end up shouting 'hang the bastard!' at the TV. It seems like if they want to be consistent then they should. That's the price of putting your own on a pedestal. So when a Democrat congressman shows intolerance to a (non-Christian) religion just what should the reaction be?
  10. Meliai

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    She hasnt shown intolerance to the religion though, she has voiced legitimate criticism of America's relationship with Israel. Big difference
  11. Orison

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    If you say anything bad about teh Jews in the burgh .. you get stoned.. Ive been high as a kike on fb comments.. fuck em..
    Im really getting tired of the Tree of life shit . and I dont even know the Omar mofo. but I cant like her because I know what her agenda is ... Sharia Law.. If shes not a Sharia Law pig, take off your headgear. But the Jews are just as bad.. to wasted on a fish fry-day to give a shit. I saw that Roseanne bitching about the Jew stuff. Again. I care about the Jews as much as I care how they grow bananas. Its all blah garble from the tower of Babel if youre smart enough..
  12. tumbling.dice

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    Fair enough, though I remain unconvinced as to Rep. Omar really thinks of Jews. I have trouble with the treatment Palestinians are getting as well as the encroaching Israeli settlements into what should be Palestinian land. I would have worded it in approximately that way. Omar, at best, picked her words poorly.
  13. Okiefreak

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    I think we need to distinguish between Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism. AIPAC , for obvious reasons, would like to blur that distinction. As a practical matter, it is a taboo topic because of the electoral politics involved: Republicans and Democrats vying for the Jewish vote. In fairness, the hypersensitivity of liberals to buzz words involving gender and race are similar. For example, the recent absurdity of Biden having to apologize for calling Mike Pence a decent person because Pence is on the wrong side of LGBTQIAPK. Political correctness of this kind needs to be resisted. No one has a right not to be offended. The person(s) bringing the issue up should be doing the apologizing. But that's politics. American Jews understandably have a fond place in their hearts for Israel, as do Christian Evengelicals, especially when Jews become targets of violence, as in Pittsburgh recently, and are increasingly subjects of racist attacks by Neo-Nazi, KKK, and ALtRight groups. But I agree with you that Americans should be able to voice criticism of Israel without being worried about being labelled Anti-Semite.
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  14. neonspectraltoast

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    How could her comments even be construed as antisemitic? Are you allowed to say Israel and money in the same sentence anymore, or does that mean you're saying Jewish people are greedy. Maybe there's something to it if they're that jumpy about it.
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  15. Meliai

    Meliai Senior Member

    Here's the thing though

    Why are you unconvinced?
    Is it because she's muslim? And muslims hate jews? What a trope!

    These sort of things work both ways

    I agree, but I also think it's a generational thing as I mentioned before. It's all about the benjamins? Unfortunate wording, but was she thinking of a jewish trope or was she trying to connect the concept of political money to a song familiar to people who follow her on instagram?

    I just didnt take her wording at all like that.

    Also i just wanna sidenote again, one of the only politicians defending her is a Jew
  16. neonspectraltoast

    neonspectraltoast Best Member

    Basically what people are asking is if she should be punished for expressing a viewpoint critical of Israel.

    Why is the US even so supportive of Israel? Doesn't anyone find that a bit suspicious? What gives?
  17. 6-eyed shaman

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    I think she's prettier than AOC
  18. Okiefreak

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    At the risk of being instantly branded an Anti-Semite, I'd say it's because of the Jewish and Evangelical Christian vote--the latter being a major chunk of Trump's base. For different reasons, they care a lot about Israel. I do, too, but think that sentiment needs to be kept in balance, so that the interests of Palestinians are also accommodated and our national interests are kept in mind.
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  19. new Athenian

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    Ever wonder what's really going on while you guys are out here arguing about stories which are deliberately manufactured to serve as diversions ?
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  20. Flagme15

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    I agree with what she said
    Just remember, one of the biggest espionage cases was that of Jonathan Pollard. An american who spied on America at the behest of Israel.

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