Is it weird to fantasize about an ex?

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Hipme, Oct 22, 2021.

  1. Bocci

    Bocci Members

    Given some of the thing people fantasize about, it seems difficult to categorize doing so about an ex as weird.
    I’ve certainly done it, and done it while fucking someone else. Seemed to have a positive effect at the time.
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  2. oldguynurse

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    In some 'break room chats' with the 95% female nurses I'd worked with, I was asked questions as the 'token male'. I'd return the favor by asking a few questions as well. One was, why do you ladies seem to like 'doggy' so much?

    Of course, got several variations of answers, but for the purpose of this thread's title, here's this one.

    "Because I don't have to look at him and I can imagine whatever I want."

    So, apparently it's not a gender-specific thing.
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  3. Hipme

    Hipme Members

    There is one thing in particular I could share with you without going into the "book" edition. Whenever I slid myself into her wet pussy, it was the most amazing feeling. Like they were made for each other. Like two pieces of a puzzle clicking together. When I was fully inside her I would often tell her, "you feel so amazing" and it wasn't just a line. It felt like I was sliding my dick into a velvet lined glove that was custom-made for it. It did not matter if we were doing it in the car, in the Park, on a train, or in the bedroom. Anywhere was amazing.
    I knew how to please her in ways that shook her world. She knew how to pleasure me in amazing ways, whether it was between her legs, with her mouth or with her hands it didn't matter. My cum shots were always explosive, even when we would be doing it multiple times in a day.
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  4. Scharff

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    Someone her told me that they fantasize about the ex husband in a sexual way. Not because she wants to go back and she definitely doesn't want him back but she fantasizes about just the sex. She knows him. He knows her. They know what each other likes and she'd do the sex thing in a heartbeat if it wasn't for all the other problems. She mentioned that if she could only have sex one more time, she'd go to him and have at it for a day. Then go home.
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  5. oldguynurse

    oldguynurse Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I'll edit the above to fit my situation.

    "...I fantasize about R***'s first...and only... boyfriend, the one who first felt her body over then under clothes, first got her naked and was the first to have full penetrative sex with her. R*** finally told me about the de-virginalization (not memorable), and how she felt about it and why she did it.

    As far as the next two years with the asshole, only the number of times a week she let him use her in various ways as a semen pouch, never taking her out or such. (If I ever meet the guy, I'll break his jaw for him.)

    It's only imagination to visualize my darling, conservative wife, being 'used' such as that. Remember, we males are visually-oriented beings, even with day-to-day things.

    But as I'd noted above, after conversations with female nurses, it's not gender-specific to drift off into an 'now in perspective' memory.
  6. Alonso376

    Alonso376 Banned

    I've fantasised of my ex a lot
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  7. Little Old Wine Drinker

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    An ex of mine from a couple of decades ago appeared to me in a vivid dream last night.

    We'd had an intense affair while working together that turned into a long term relationship. It was always great sexually, but latterly I started to believe I wanted something else that she wasn't giving me and became unhappy. We broke up not long before I met my wife. She couldn't understand why I'd destroy such a beautiful relationship after making her love me. It was uncharacteristically ruthless of me, but I was sure I'd made the right decision. Therefore, we didn't part on good terms so I don't normally think about her that much.

    In the dream, I walked into an office where she was working at a desk. She turned to tell me there were some jobs that I've neglected for the past twenty years.

    As I approached, she stood up and we brushed past each other. We kissed on the lips briefly. Even though we were fully dressed in business clothes, I felt her nipples and boobs press into me. I became aware of every detail and the shape of her body as if we were naked.

    My attention passed down to her thighs and on to the pubic area. I took in every detail of her genital area externally and internally including her G spot and cervix. Finally, reaching her asshole that seemed particularly delightful. I am not sure if I was sensing all this by touch or sight, possibly a mixture of both.

    I was overcome by the vuluptuous majesty and wonder of her body. In a split second, memories of all the loving sexual things we'd done together flashed through my mind. Also, the realisation that she'd been a mind blowingly good fuck. As we parted, first her tummy then her hip pushed against my cock so I became aware of my errection.

    After that, I became completely overwhelmed by a deep sadness that I could never go back to that time and place again and make things right between us. Gradually, I realised that it had been a dream and my wonderful wife was lying beside me. It took a few minutes for the worst of the sadness to pass although some melancholy remains.
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  8. oldguynurse

    oldguynurse Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Well written, LOWD.
  9. Nemo_lover

    Nemo_lover Members

    Lol!!! If the ex is a girlfriend and not from long ago, yes. This has never happened with my exwife. Thank god!!!
  10. Not such a stretch to fantasize about past lovers.
    I agree with Nemo the ex-wife never comes to mind, there's an erection kill... lol.
    (Not to say she wan't a beautiful person at heart)

    There are a few that do rise to the top.., often one in particular that I fantasized about when we were really young teens wishing to have her, then we actually were together in our late teens for a couple years.., then went separated ways but connected on the odd occasion while married to other people, then both got divorced 25 years later and reconnected for 7 years of great sex and amazing passion between the two of us. That then went sideways,(just different ideas about how we see life unfolding) but I still think about her (and others) pretty regularly while fantasizing. Pics do help.
    But she has been in my fantasies most my life.

    I try to keep it at just that, fantasy for the sake of masturbation, not while I am making love with a current partner or in any way a comparison, each woman has their own place in my life, it's more for self pleasure when alone.

    Our history and past experiences is what we draw on throughout our lives to guide us in the present - why would love a sex not be exactly the same. We as a society really have a strange taboo linked to how we view anything past if sexual, deeply emotional, our bodies or love related, like its a possession that only one other can ever truly hold. Where its really building blocks throughout your life that makes you a healthy loving human and just because what once was, is now over, we should be taking away with us a positive experience for the next encounter to build on.
    Like they say, it all make us who we are today, and they each hold a. small part we should be free to reflect back on. Ok, now I gotta go find some old pictures.. lol
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  11. Dunnaknockit

    Dunnaknockit Members

    I don't think it's weird. My first wife and I parted company 30 years ago. I still think about her from time to time and have fantasised about what it would be like having sex with her now given how good the sex was before.
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  12. FriendlyCock

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    Yes I remember the happier times with my ex. The most memorable was when she wanted a baby, so she went from being afraid of pregnancy to a sex vixen who wanted my dick over and over, and screwed like a rabbit. I fantasize and pull off to the memory of that time. I even wrote down an account of how it felt.
  13. Twogigahz

    Twogigahz Members

    I bet that disappeared about 9 months later....
  14. FriendlyCock

    FriendlyCock Members

    Yes, earlier. WE went t it for a week or more, but later found I'd knocked her up a week earlier. She spent the first week of pregnancy rooting me hard. Still I enjoyed supplying all the come she wanted.
  15. BarefootJason

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    I mentioned a fuck buddy I would love to see again. We fucked all summer long anywhere and everywhere. A couple times we had threesomes.

    Likely a “meet up” is probably a bad idea. She won’t be the same woman I fucked when she was 25. And I won’t be the same guy she fucked when I was 23.

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