Is it possible to eat grass-fed beef in America?

Discussion in 'Let Food Be Your Medicine' started by I'll Be Waiting, Apr 11, 2018.

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    Just one. The secret is to just eat one thing at a time. If you know you're going to want more, you can microwave the next thing while you're eating.
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    yeah, now you're just back on the too much work thing. even when i'm cooking my single-man dinners, about half the time i get distracted and forget they're there until they're starting to burn.

    plus, i eat fast. it's a leftover habit from when i worked in food service and had to eat when i could, i think. basically, i shovel an entire meal into my mouth in about 5 minutes, and then i'm done. at this point, if i try to stretch it out i lose my appetite and my stomach starts to protest after 10 minutes.
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    Exactly and that long time practice of feeding cows “downer cattle” which includes brains caused the outbreak of Mad Cows disease back in the 1980s
    which spread into the human population in the form of Variant CJD or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
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    Yes but it isn't probably as good as your beef. You can buy at least mostly grass fed beef here at walmart (marketplace brand ground beef) n kroger selling laura's lean beef. That brand occasionally sells steaks. Yes it's different by consistency than the regular cheap stuff which I will not touch. You can tell by it's consistency it's at least more grass fed. I've never eaten irish beef. I have had grass fed free range beef from a family farm in south dakota. They are grass n hay only. Walmarts marketplace brand has a similar look n consistency. The way it's more difficult to cook n break apart in a skillet. You can buy kerrygold irish butter at most walmarts if not all n I buy it. You will need to go to specialty type stores to buy all grass fed milk based products, though. Different states have different family run beef companies that you can buy from. It all depends. If you eat turkey plainville farms is a great brand compared to regular creepy brands. Absolutely delicious ground turkey meat unlike the regular turkey. The regular stuff contains something. Idk I can feel it n taste the difference. I'm raising my own chickens n soon turkeys for meat. Just be selective in what you eat. For milk I might suggest you buy grass fed milk powder from your local area n pack it. Or have it sent to you.
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    This ranch is just up the road from me.
    From Walnut Hollow's web site; "Premium Farm-Raised Black Angus Beef"

    • No antibiotics used

    • No added hormones or steroids

    • No growth promoting drugs

    • 100% vegetarian diet, no animal by-products

    • Humane animal handling practices

    • USDA Inspected slaughterhouse and butcher

    • Free of preservatives and chemical tenderizers
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    Where I live in U.S., all of the supermarkets carry lots of grass-fed beef.

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