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Discussion in 'True Love' started by swcc, May 30, 2006.

  1. swcc

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    I really think I have a damn problem sometimes. When I meet a girl and there is some type of chemistry I get so damn emotionally attached. It may not ever even evolve past the flirting stage, but for so long thats all I will have on my mind is "that girl". It really sucks because I find myself getting hurt when it dosent work out or simple dosent really flame into anything then simple flirting. I'm going through something like this right now. I met this chick and idno what the deal is between us, there is chemistry but sometimes I get the feeling she is just using me or playing games with me. Anyways my brain tells me to just lose this chick before you get hurt, but I can't because I feel so damn attached to her. I wouldn't say I'm in love with her or anything like that, but I want so badly to pursue things but on the other hand there is something telling me not to waste my time with this one. It's just fucked up cuz it's all I damn think about anymore and its fuckin with my head. I just don't understand why I get so damn attached to these girls so easily over nothing sometimes.
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    Used to be like that man. How old are you? Thing is i was like that when i was yonger and had not really had sex of anything i was just one horny fucker. Any sign or hint at any interest or chemistry i was like fuck i gotta have her id get all attached to her and lust for her.

    It could be related to something similar. Tell the girl how you feel, as it will take you whereever the "relationship" is going faster. if it is to be then it will be if not then at least ul find out quicker than being hurt, getting ur head fucked over thinking about it all time.

    Hope that ehlps
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    Hm. I had this a lot when I was younger too. But this shouldn't mean older people don't go through it either.

    What I found with myself was that I was focussing too much on one person. While it's wonderful to be sincere, I think at the end of the day it's your own peace of mind that matters. It'll take awhile but you'll realize not everyone is worth your time.

    Until then, it'll continue.

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