Is Is Philando Castile's Girlfriend A Racist For Saying "all Lives Matter?"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Fueled by Coffee, Jul 8, 2016.

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    Diamond Reynolds, the girlfriend of Philando Castile who was murdered on camera by a cop, is here recorded on video exclaming that All Lives Matter, and it appears she does not wish to have Black Lives Matter exploit Philando's death for their own gains.

    I ask, because according to numerous journalists and Black Lives Matter leaders, saying "All Lives Matter" would be a racial slur according to these sources:
  2. hotwater

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    Stopped 52 times by police: Was it racial profiling

    MINNEAPOLIS — When Philando Castile saw the flashing lights in his rearview mirror, it wasn't unusual. He had been pulled over at least 52 times in recent years in and around the Twin Cities and given citations for minor offenses including speeding, driving without a muffler and not wearing a seat belt.

    He was assessed at least $6,588 in fines and fees, although more than half of the total 86 violations were dismissed, court records show.

    Was Castile an especially bad driver or just unlucky? Or was he targeted by officers who single out black motorists like him for such stops, as several of his family members have alleged?

  3. SouthPaw

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    Anybody actually been paying attention to this? His girlfriend lied her ass off.

    1) Despite her claims, he doesn't have a CCW (concealed carry permit).
    2) Despite her claims, he wasn't pulled over for a broken tail light. He was pulled over as a suspect in an armed robbery two blocks away.
    3) Radio recordings support this. Before getting out of his police car, the officer told dispatch he was checking on a suspect in the robbery.
    4) I've seen the robbery photo. They look very similar. Both had shoulder length dreads, skinny beard, and same facial structure.
    5) Despite her claims his gun was on his hip, her own video proves her a liar. Photo stills, from her video, have already been released showing the gun was on his lap, not in a holster. The officer had every right to defend himself. You don't pull a gun when pulled over by a cop.
    6) Despite her claims that police just let him die, bystanders filmed police pulling him out of the car after securing his gun and administering CPR until medical help arrived.
    7) Considering she lied about everything else, I'm inclined to believe the police officer's claim that Philando Castile refused to comply with his "Do not move" order.
    8) The girlfriend didn't adopt a "friendly" tone until her lies were exposed. She was screaming racism and BLM until the police released not only their side of the story, but evidence to back it up including her own video.
  4. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    All along the police have been saying lets wait until the investigation is over unless of course they decide to leak information

    The police were looking for two men, not a man and a woman.
    He wasn’t a robbery suspect, he only matched a partial description, i.e. he was black.
    He was wearing a white t-shirt not a long-sleeve green shirt, nor a checked green shirt, and no hat.
    Did the car match the description? Did the suspects even have a car? Unknown
    The primary suspects were wearing glasses, Philando Castile wasn’t and IMO doesn’t look like either.
    The Police can’t simply pull someone over without giving a reason.
    The cop was told he had a gun and a permit to carry, he didn’t actually see the gun.
    Yes the picture captures a partial outline of something but to suggest it fits the description of the gun used in the hold-up is BS.
    The Police officer told her not to touch him because he was shot, and in possession of a gun he admitted carrying.
    The reverse angle doesn’t suggest duplicity since the officer asked Philando for his license and registration, not Diamond Reynold’s.
    If the officer could see the gun, he wouldn’t have asked Philando for his driver’s license and registration.

    To be continued once the investigation is concluded, and oh by the way records show Philando was pulled over by police 52 times for frivolous violations. i.e. he was profiled by racist COPS

  5. Balbus

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    Its it racist well it depends on context – I mean yes on the face of it all lives do matter but if you are supporting ‘all lives matter’ because you don’t like ‘black lives matter’ and are trying to undercut it then your motivations might be racist.

    And then when you think about it although all lives should matter in many societies some lives seem to matter more than others.

    I mean if all lives have equal worth, then everyone should in as far as its possible be equal and have equality of opportunity and choices. Nobody should be born into advantage or disadvantage.

    But that isn’t the case and its one of the things Black lives Matter is trying to highlight.

    So to those that support the all live matter campaign could you explain to me how you plan to bring about the more equal socialistic socio-economic system you so wish to bring about?

    And if that’s not what you want then can you explain what you are doing supporting it?
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  7. Moonglow181

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    Well, fuck her then.
  8. P_Bateman

    P_Bateman Members

    I get black people putting the spot light on themselves. Do a long time people assumed they cried wolf but idk of the BLM movement does itself favors sometimes. Like at SF protest where one women was shamed for having a sign stating "women lives matter". The whole crowd chanted shame. Also, if blacks arent in attendance the civil disobedience is considered less than.
  9. Balbus

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    So that means he deserved to be killed?
  10. deleted

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    Thugs typically have no respect for authority.. Being pulled over 52times, think he would know the drill.
  11. Balbus

    Balbus Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator


    So that means he deserved to be killed?
  12. Maxxy

    Maxxy Members

    No they Don't, German Lives Don't Matter. Nazi Scum
  13. granite45

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    This discussion misses the point. Anyone who has lived in the United States any length of time and not been in a comatose state surely knows that racial profiling in a serious problem in policing. BLM is certainly warranted. Seattle has 5 officers being investigated for being in DC during the white supremacist insurrection. This after the SPD has been under a court ordered consent decree for......Racial Profiling. WTF. Back in the early 70s I spent a year in the Ozarks of Missouri working for a Federal agency and saw firsthand the slimey reality of racism. In the local government, in the Elks club and the local personnel of the agency I worked for. No more excuses, everyone in the lynch mob on January 6 should spend at least a decade in a prison cell. Period.
  14. Piobaire

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    When Dylan Roof shot up a Bible study at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC, killing nine people, my community's response was immediate; Confederate flags sprouted like weeds all over the county; literally thousands of them.
    This summer, their response to BLM was thousands of "Blue Lives Matter" flags (the same ones their compatriots used to beat police officers with during their failed Fascist coup attempt, so it's clearly not about supporting police).
    I'm all for giving someone the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they're not racist...but merely deeply stupid.

    blue line.jpg

  15. wrat1

    wrat1 Members

    I vote deeply stupid, supporting evidence:
    Flat earthers are a thing they truly believe the earth is flat
    Anti Vaxers
    and one of my personal faves a portion of the population usually around 5-7% believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows
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  16. Tishomingo

    Tishomingo Members

    Yes, all lives matter, but white cops sometimes need to be reminded that black lives matter, too.
  17. Sexwise

    Sexwise Members

    I support the meaning of all lives matter because of course all lives do matter. I am not part of any campaign, demonstration or political persuasion. Maybe, “treat people how you would wish to be treated yourself”, is less offensive to anyone.
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  18. Balbus

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    But as I try to explain the ‘Black live matters, campaign is meant to highlight that specific problems black people have in many areas of US society, let’s say we take a campaign that tries to highlight the specific problems disabled people have in many areas of US society under the heading ‘Disabled lives matter’ and imagine people attacking it by saying no ‘all lives matter’.

    It basically seems about trying to imply there is no problem.

    “treat people how you would wish to be treated yourself” – is a great ideal but unless it is backed up with proper regulations and policy it is not going to happen as many work against it. In fact much of right wing policy is based on Social Darwinist thinking and so actively works in the opposite direction been based on the idea that some should be treated better than others.

    It is easy on a personal level to comply with “treating people how I would wish to be treated” for example by not personally killing another, but it is also easy to allow others to die indirectly by doing nothing to help such people or even working to make those deaths more likely to happen and in greater numbers.

    For example many right wingers are opposed to taxation and such things as a universal healthcare programme. Now the lack of such a scheme in the US has a direct effect on the number of people that die unnecessarily in the US so is right wing opposition to such schemes is directly responsible for those deaths.

    Also the thing is you have to know if people are been treated differently to make sure they are been treated the same as others. A person would need to know about inequality of treatment to correct it.

    Well as many studies have shown there is an inequality of treatment in relation to policing and the judicial system in the US between black people and white people something the Black Lives Matter campaign is trying to highlight.
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  19. soulcompromise

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    The reason 'All Lives...' is a problem is because it isn't a solution.

    It's not only dismissive, it's contrarian to something that attempts to implement security, and equality for a people who are disenfranchised/marginalized and who have for as long as African slavery, colonialism, and America have been around, been trampled and forgotten/put on the back burner.

    Are we not by saying "All" saying "white too"? It feels tone-deaf, doesn't it? When it's in the context of racial unity and equality, 'All...' falls short for those who need the most retribution.
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  20. Balbus

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    Yes BLM is trying to point out the shortfall there cannot be an 'all' if the reality is there exists a 'them' and 'us' situation.

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