Discussion in 'Europe' started by didge, May 13, 2004.

  1. didge

    didge Member

    just thought id dedicate another tread ta ireland:) i had one in the old forums, and it grew and grew, felt kinda like home ya kno?

    so here is the tread!!

    ya may ask questions about ireland, comment on ireland, or speak as gaeilge, or..just write what ever da hell yaz want:)

    go raibh mile maith aguibh mo chairde!
  2. DharmaBum

    DharmaBum Old Guard

    I'd just like to post one thing about Ireland...I Can't Wait To Leave!.I'm sick and Tired of this Place.I know it's not what everyone want's to hear about the "Emerald Isle" *gags*..but i dont plan on staying here if possible.
  3. didge

    didge Member

    a come on! we're lucky to be irish!
    i love this place, althou, it does get borin at where else i could call home...

    anyway! where in ireland are ya!?
  4. DharmaBum

    DharmaBum Old Guard

    Give me a Straight answer on what being Irish mean's and none of the Cliches please!..then i might change my mind.

    Currently Living in County Meath...Between Trim and a small town by the name of
  5. didge

    didge Member

    i'm livin in artane, dublin.

    i cant answer your question, but i feel it in my heart, i love the irish people, and i love the shabby little towns and the sheep...:)

    tell me, why dya wanna leave, whats so much better about anywhere else?

    ( i too wanna get out of here for a good while, but i could never permently live anywhere else)
  6. Flowerchild

    Flowerchild Member

    I LOVE IRELAND! I'm from Germany and I was horsebackriding through the country for 2 weeks last spring, it was just awesome and amazing and I definitely wanna do it again! I have to admit though that I would never live there cause yeah, it is pretty boring!
  7. DharmaBum

    DharmaBum Old Guard

    Sheep are nothing special i live in a field full of em.'s I want to leave because i wanna make a fresh start somewhere else and i HATE the damn weather.
  8. kier

    kier I R Baboon

    you missed "baa"

    well, i love ireland, and it would be one of the places on this earth i would love to settle down in :)
  9. Penny

    Penny Supermoderaginaire

    I love Ireland so much... I've been there a few times, and every time it was wonderful :) It's such a beautiful country, so green... The Irish are so friendly too, and I love the way they speak! I also love traditional Irish music... I've been to Dublin, a great city, and to Cork... I've been to the countryside too and saw these houses with these roofs made out of... something called chaume in French but I don't know about the English term. Anyways you must know what I'm talking about, it's typically Irish. I've seen lots of sheep, too! How cute... I can't wait to go back there.
  10. moonydancer

    moonydancer Member

    u r speaking of cottage i think penny...w in ireland
    ith haie roofs?

    i go there every single summer...i'm half irish, have 19 cousins living there, 9aunt/uncles with their wifes and a house over there and one horse!'s just my second home first one is France....rah,....

    plus i go to the most beautiful's a village names Oughterard,co.Galway...CONNEMARA!!!!!!!!

    yay!!!i'm eager to be there!

  11. didge

    didge Member

    yep,the weather gets on me nerves abit...
  12. moominmamma

    moominmamma Member

  13. migle

    migle Senior Member

    I was living for a month in Cork and i felt in love with Ireland, I agree, Irish people are wonderful, you can go any pub and you'll probably end your nicht singing Molly Malone with any of the guys that 's drinking there.

    And i love Murphy's stout, much better than fucking worldwide Guinness.

    And when i went to Dublin, and i visited Wicklow and Glendalough, i get so surprised, so delighted, you have an unbelievable piece of Earth.
  14. PinkMoon

    PinkMoon Senior Member

    Well i've never been to IReland but i hope to go next year.. ive got three very close friends from there though, and if they represent what the Irish people are like then i love the irish!
  15. DharmaBum

    DharmaBum Old Guard

    Migle that is so wrong! ,Murphy's doesnt even come close To the Taste of Guinness!..I agree i think Ireland as a country is Beautiful ,i just feel like i have to Spread my Wing's for various Reason's...maybe i lived in Dublin too long..But where i am now im Meath is beautiful ,just need to go where the weather suits my Clothes as the saying goes
  16. Penny

    Penny Supermoderaginaire

    Didn't know you were half Irish!!!! That's cool... :) You're lucky to have a house in Ireland! By the way, I went to Galway too! Just remembered when I saw your post, it's great there... So what's your first language? French or English?

  17. migle

    migle Senior Member

    GOD, you're blasfeming, Guinnes is overrated; Guinness for strenght? -> Murphy's for the best, YEAH!!!;) .

  18. Xiola

    Xiola One Lonely Seagull

    I've always wanted to go...hopefully some time soon though!:)
  19. groovydude

    groovydude Member

    Any one here actualy from or in Galway?.

    I love Galway, I grew up in Dublin but it's a dump now, Galway for ever, for me ,for every one
  20. Princess_Rain

    Princess_Rain Member

    hey groovydude,
    Not from galway but i've been there a few times...the usual gaelteacht experience! It's a great place though. Two of my college roommates are from galway so i'll probably be visiting them during the summer. Looking forward to it, of course :)

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