Discussion in 'Attachment Parenting' started by merrijayne4, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. merrijayne4

    merrijayne4 Member

    Please introduce yourself, i will come back later an introduce myself. Once i have finished a few post.
  2. Advaya

    Advaya Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    hello~~ I introduced myself in your other class but I s'pose I will here too. I'm 21, a student midwife. Even though I do not currently have my own children, I have known for years that I will parent instinctually which for me equals AP so I am looking forward to this class, and hopefully we can all get to know each other. Blessings~~
  3. Tamee

    Tamee naked

    I am a 22 yr old mother of one 22 month old girl. I found out about Attachment Parenting while I was pregnant and after my daughter was born I just knew that whatever decisions I made regarding her would come from my gut and so far I think I've done a good job. I have a completely detached family and it's been very difficult to stick to what I believe in, but so far I've breastfed til last month, wore her in several types of carriers almost everyday until winter of '07, and we've been co-sleeping since day one. I feel a good strong bond between us.

    Her father has different views about parenting, which makes it very tough, but I feel like everything will be ok.

    I'd love to learn more and connect with more people who share the same parenting interests.
  4. Lillith1986

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    Hi, I am also a 22 year old mother to Rose Avalon, 13 months. During my pregnancy I read books and things about parenting but I have found that instinct is always the best way. People are sometimes surprised that I am still breastfeeding but it still feels like the best way. I do love cookin for her though! I also love waking in the morning and seeing her smiling face next to me!
  5. hello everyone ! :)
  6. RenmenTout

    RenmenTout Member

    I guess I'm the only guy here lol I'm about to have my first baby.. trying to learn all I can.
  7. MamaPeace

    MamaPeace Senior Member

    Hey :)

    I'm a young mum to a baby girl who turns one tomorrow!! We are very eco and AP but mainly out of instinct.
  8. nikki42

    nikki42 Guest

    Hi. Im Nikki. Im a mother of 3 grown children. I raised them attatched and we have great relationships and a great life together. Now that I have 4 grand children, we have to deal with the husbands in the family, who did not grow up attached. Although they are wonderful men who try to understand, sometimes they just do not get why the baby is STILL NURSING, why the kids are STILL in our beds, WHY the granmother has SO MUCH Control.... Its coming close to the oldest to start kindergarden. The mother and I do not know how long we will keep them in school, we used to think 2nd grade but now we wonder if we will even let them stay that long. I think attatchment parenting last well into the time the kids, turn into adults. Im excited to learn here.

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