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  1. Hey im Meara,i believe in self education/free school and only found this website yesterday,im really excited about studying stuff here,im lazy when it comes to punctuation/spelling when i replyin to stuff so bare with me,i have to do an english exam in 19months and part o that is an essay so this could really be helpful,also i am a musician so it could be helpful there too,i know im late starting but hope to catch up!i forget what the 3 questions were so hopefully i answered them
  2. Musikero

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    Hi I'm Rafael a.k.a. Musikero. I've been lurking around here for a while. My style is - I dunno. I usually write poems, songs (Musikero means musician in Filipino), although I have tried writing short stories. I'd like to learn more and develop my writing style. Which is why I'm here.:)
  3. ledheadbabe

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    You: I'm Cassie. I'm 16 and a junior in high school.
    Your style of writing: I dont write much so I dont know
    Why you signed up for this class: Motivation to write mostly
  4. kylepott

    kylepott Member

    i know im late so do you want me to just do all the stuff i alredy missed? or what
    doesnt look like many people are doing is :S
  5. My name is Monika.
    I write free verse. Anything that comes to me, not really a specific type.
    I joined because I want to learn more about writing, and I don't have time for a creative writing course at college.
  6. Just joined the class.

    I am 29. Have been writing for most of my life. I have a BFA in design/technical theater. I have worked professional as an audio engineer. I am ordained in the Humanist Church, and follow a loose Gnostic tradition. I offer spiritual counseling free of charge as an ordained minister. I have two classes I am offering on here: audio engineering and surviving adolescence. I am taking two classes so far: this class and the poetry class. My writing style is all over the place. I write a lot of poetry, I am a playwright, I am working on a novel, and I write erotic short stories. For this class I am hoping to work on my novel writing.

    Thanks, and I look forward to enjoying this class.
  7. I finally decided to join. A little late. :)

    My name is Maria
    I wrote mostly coming of age novels in the genre of fantasy and romance. Most of my books involve a young adult protagonist somehow finding themselves or their meaning in life. My books are very emotional.
    I'm here to learn new ways to write and gain inspiration.
    Been writing since I was 14.

    Sometimes it's hard for me to get myself inspired to write. Usually it's emotion, a sunny day, or a storm that gets me going. And then I'll be going for hours or weeks before I take a break again.
  8. vegetable_man

    vegetable_man Member

    I think I missed the tarty bell, but I'm here.
    I'm Bryson, and have been interested in writing for as long as I can remember.
    I lean towards fiction, mostly, though I love some good poetry and a strong Bio.
    I'm a little to sporadic to really invest in collage at the moment, but it is a gole of mine.
    I tend to pick threw my own life expieriance for insperation. I am a traveler who has just returned home and find that motion and interaction are the best ways to be motivated.
    This is just the kind of thing I've been looking for, and am excited to begine.
  9. CybaSumo

    CybaSumo Member

    Hi I'm Dag and im new here, i like listening to all kinds of music during my free time after work.
  10. Lo' I'm Chris, a 22 year old that will hopefully soon be cashing in on his G.I. to start English and writing courses at the near by community college. I enjoy creative writing quite a bit, although my educational goals will primarily be focused towards journalism. Need to pay the bills in between the pouring of dreams onto paper.
  11. dr_gonzo420

    dr_gonzo420 Member

    I want in, for sure, What do I need to do to sign up?

    So anyway I'm Jess, I'm interested in science fiction, and I signed up because I'm very interested in the theory of 2012 and planet Tiamat, so much so that I would like to right fiction about if it would happen
  12. Hazel Field

    Hazel Field Member

    I'm Tor, I write whatever pops into my head, and I like gathering new ideas. :)
  13. Royaltramp

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    I'm Matt, I'm 17, British, currently living in Poland. I write about whatever I feel passionate about at the time, whether that be an article debating some philosophical topic or a short story which is a mix of fantasy or reality - I like to write without limits.

    I joined this class because right now I am out of education, out of work, looking for something creative and useful to do with my time, writing has always been one of the joys of my life and I'd like to get back into it, plus, learning new things on a subject you love is always great fun :)
  14. Hello everyone. Well, I am a sophomore in high school in Upstate New York, USA. I am mostly interested in writing fiction, such as short stories. I would love to be able to write a novel some day. I signed up for this class because I want to practice my creative writing and learn some more about it. Plus, the class is free :)
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    Is this how I sign up? Well, either way;

    My name is Ashley. I'm eighteen, nineteen in a few weeks. I'm a freshman, my first semester spent at Houston Baptist University. My second semester (and remainder of my college career) will be spent at Texas State University.

    I have been writing off-and-on my entire life, mainly through roleplaying (a sort of story-writing activity where you and another person create characters and use them to create a plot). I have attempted to write a novel, but my attention span didn't allow for it. I'm best at short stories, prose, and non-fiction prose.

    I'm interested in this class because writing is my one true gift, and I wish to enhance it. I'm looking forward to working with you and expanding both of our minds.
  16. raegoesmeow

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    I'm Raeann, I'm 16, in the 10th grade and I love to write because it helps me express my thoughts in ways that verbal words would fail me. It also helps my relax and gets my negative emotions out of me. and if I'm in the mood to read something but I can't find a book that contains it, I write it. :D

    My style of writing is short stories. I LOVE writing short stories because that aren't long and drawn out, the ideas for them come to me easily, and I have this problem where I can come up with a being and an ending....but no middle. :( I also make my main character die at the end of most of my stories. >.<

    I signed up for this class because I have writers block right now and none of my friends share m love of writing, so I'm trying to make some who love to write like me. :D
  17. kristylynne

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    Is this class still taking students?
    I see it was started in 2007, so I don't know what to do.
    I went to your page but didn't find where to send a PM.
    I'm new to this forum so I am still trying to find where
    everything is here.
    I joined the forum because I saw the free class; especially
    this writing one.
    Please PM me so I will know when a reply is made; that is
    if this forum is still active.
    Thank You :)
  18. kristylynne

    kristylynne Guest

    Where do I sign up at?
  19. Spoonikki

    Spoonikki Members

    Is this still running?

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