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  1. smokeybear2

    smokeybear2 Member

    what happened to these classes, keep em goin man!
  2. journey man

    journey man Member

    Right on coolray-
  3. SisterRags

    SisterRags Member

    I wonder why Whiskers and others like Whiskers hang out on sites like this one, when this is most probably not the optimal place for Whiskers and other Whiskerses to hang out and benefit.


    Anyway, I'm very interested in this topic and wonder what happened to the info that was to be provided?
  4. mfgriff

    mfgriff Member

    so the meaning of life is barely surviving in this pre apocalyptic concrete toss up? "society" aka the invisible hand that has been patting your ass along your whole life, has implanted in your brain no matter what you say and do during your life won't matter, because when you are dying you will say a prayer to something you believe to be greater than yourself. The human condition is insignificance. get over yourself, i know i'm over your sis and onto your mom.
  5. Ariesmother

    Ariesmother Member

    Is it really possible to completely drop off the radar? If it is why should I pay off my debts? All of my debts are mainly school loans. Education should be free. The government talks about the neccesity of an education for our future yet requires us to go into debt before we are allowed to learn. It just seems rediculous. I am a firm believer that knowledge is power, but who dictates what power is accesible. It is difficult to teach whats right and wrong sometimes, but it is very easy to teach love, compassion, sadness, empathy, and so on. Yet we spend an entire semester on War and only a few weeks on centuries worth of beautiful art. I dont want to work in some building working my way up through the commands of a corporate army. Just the thought of such misery creates a sick feeling in my gut. However, I have a very strong work ethic. That doesnt mean I go to work 9-5 everyday, it doesnt mean that I dress to impress. It means that I believe hard work is worth it when it helps my fellow man. Work can be as simple as tending a garden so you can donate fresh produce to the local free kitchen or a community potluck. It can be the diligence of a mother who chooses to home school her children. Those are the jobs I am interested in. If there is a place where people really work together and children run around free to laugh and cry, where a bardar system that doesnt involve greenbacks exists, please tell me about it. I will hop the next bus, steal a car, or what ever it takes to prevent my little girl going through life having to live in a system that she knows is wrong, watching so many of us suffer. There is a reason why people live longer in places where stress and domination arent as prevelant.

    Also, Abbie Hoffman was just trying to get people to step outside of the person society made them for a moment and be free thinkers. To show the government that we the people have the ability to band together and will. Further more, his book is suggestive. As far as stealing from supermarkets, calm down. You dont have to steal anything to get your food for free from the supermarket. There is a whole community that survives off the supermarket dumpsters. These are designated food disposal containers that you can find just about anything for free due to its closeness to expiration or outdated advertisements on packaging. But if you really cant see that this is not stealing, pay Aldi's or Save-a-lot to do it for you.

    Hugs and love to all of you.
  6. HippyLandscaper

    HippyLandscaper learning a new way

    The teacher did.
  7. andallthatstocome

    andallthatstocome not a squid

    lol you whine about stealing food and now you promote stealing intellectual property! hows that for hypocrisy?
  8. symbiote

    symbiote Member

    yeah i wonder how a class would be possible if you're off the radar.
  9. Marguerite

    Marguerite Member

    Hey boys and girls :)

    I'm new here, I'm 15 years old and live in Canada.

    'Just here for answers :
    Is living on my own, with Mother Nature, fleeing stupid politic's mind control, could be a way of life ? I mean... (Hope you pardon my English - It's not very good.)

    I never saw the Seventies or Woodstock - I would die to be here -.

    Can I have any advice ?
    Live on the roads, alone, or with friends. Or find an abandonned house and live there...

    Be Free, that's what I want.

    By the way, do you know where can I find "Steal This Book" ?


    Peace, Kisses & Kandies,
  10. Doo

    Doo Member

    i would've liked to have seen a survival section that didn't have "how to raise livestock" and "grow a crop" as that exactly how this whole mess of a world we live in now started.

    about 10,000 years ago the people of the Caucasus region decided they no longer needed God to provide food for them and started growing crops whata ya know all the excess in food started a population growth which continued as they grew more crops as the the surrounding lands were stripped bare to make room for crops the people in the surrounding area were running low on food so they went to the agriculturists and asked them for food, ohhhh no! we grew this food simply for our people but i guess if you really need food you can work in our fields and get food that way, well that sounds like bullshit to me! i dont want to WORK FOR YOU TO FEED MYSELF! well maybe i'll try what we've done for thousands or years before this i'll raid the crops and food stores! oh wait now there's FOOD POLICE! well no food for me or my tribe because even at this early stage in developing a "civil" ization the capitalist mind set had already taken hold and the world was doomed.

    anyone want to help fix the problem? no? you enjoy your house with t.v, cars, and the magically cold box in your kitchen full of food that you performed minimal and mindless tasks for? well i feel sorry for you that you dont have aspirations to live free.
  11. yugogypsy

    yugogypsy Member

    Sorry Doo, But that attitude sucks BIG time!

    Not all of us are the mindless robots you detest!:mad:

    I am annoyed by your lumping us all together!

    My somewhat brainless pair of male roomies do very little unless I SCREAM at them.

    I do ALL the thinking, but I gotta verbally boot THEIR butts every day to get something done.

    I know I could get a H*** of a lot more done around here if I didn't have to waste time supervising them--CONSTANTLY!

    If you are going to survive, you've got to have something to survive on, growing food and animals are essential unless you want to be a nomad.

  12. BlissRainbow

    BlissRainbow Member

    Here's an idea, I plan on doing this somehow someday:

    It's my dream to get a boat 100% wood like those pirate boats in the sea movies and modify it to work on sea and land by putting wheels on the bottom, no motor only wind and paddle power clean energy yeah!~ ^_^

    Simple life, home on the move best of both worlds.~

    Live life by wild foraging, if I can't get it myself I don't want it unless it's a gift but I will not accept gifts if they promote waste.~

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