introduced to hinduism through Kundalini yoga

Discussion in 'Hinduism' started by kitty fabulous, Jul 2, 2006.

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    I first became curious about Hinduism when I was hanging out in Woodstock, watching this vendor dude singing chants to Ganesh before setting up his head shop. Over the winter I started learning about kundalini yoga. Life has changed a lot for me in the past year and suddenly I'm finding myself back in Rochester and taking classes, getting up at 5:30 everyday to ride my bike to the park by 6 and hanging out with this weird old dude in a purple turban. And I realize that this is really, really important to me and I'm learning and changing a lot.

    I'm homeless, I'm sleeping on a mat on my ex's floor and I hate it, I've given up all my stuff again like life is just building up to hurl me into something else again. I go to the health food store to get some granola and this old guy says be in the park at 6 for yoga, and so eventually I show and wham! my life changes. The yoga, it's really amazing and doing some amazing things for me.

    I'm sure Bruce and Sat Dharm would happily provide a reading list for me, Bruce has already suggested a ton of books. But it seems that the information available is so vast, and much of what I'm finding as Hinduism is so different from the joyful wisdom I've experienced recently with my new friends. This is a new experience for me, this trust trip. Where to start sorting it all out?
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    Hinduism is a vast and quite varied area. It contains many different paths and philosophies, different types of religion and different yogas.
    There's huge variation in practices too. It's not easy to recommend any one or two books which would give you an overview - it's really a lifetime's study in many ways.
    Still, I'd suggest reading the Bhagavad Gita definitely, as it is a kind of compendium of spiritual knowledge.
    'Autobography of a Yogi' by Paramhansa Yoganada is another book which many people have found to be a great help.

    With trust - do you mean liike trust in a guru? in yourself or your experience?

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