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Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by erzebet1961, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. Ruby_Grace

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    I'm Ruby, 46 and just admitting to myself that I'm attracted to another woman. Feeling very confused as my relationships have only been with men. I was with xH for 16 yrs, had 2 kids, two other relationships of 5 and 3 years. Had attractions to women before but thought it was just admiration. Now find myself (bam!) falling in love with my lesbian friend (she's only out to me). After a long period of hints from her of wanting a relationship and what seemed like flirting I finally told her I had feelings for her and she's giving me mixed messages. I can't tell if she's scared to take things further or is just not that into me so I just feel even more confused (not about my feelings for her).

    Anyway, glad to find this place.

    Rubes x
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  2. lostluvr

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    hey im jessie fuk i want a girlfriend!! X0
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  3. Hi Guys!

    I am looking for people to join me at the ELLA International Lesbian Festival in Mallorca, from the 1-9 September 2015 in Spain.

    I'm in London. Anyone wanting to join?

    It looks fantastic!!!
  4. Kaira_Elizabeth

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    Hi! I'm Kaira, or Elizabeth, as u wish. I am kind of young, I am 16 hahaha. But I really need someone to understand, because I had being dealing with my sexuality alone during 4 years and I cannot stand this anymore
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  5. Heya I'm Skye, I'm 21 and I identify as a Lesbian. I'm also Transgender and currently transitioning. I know some people say I can't be a lesbian but I know who I am and just because I was born into a male body does not make me any less of a woman than the rest of you.

    I'm Single and I'm not overly looking for a relationship at the moment sure if I met someone who can accept me for who I am and we got along okay then I'd definitely go for it but hey being single isn't too bad.

    I have depression and am seeing a therapist for it, my aunt and grandmother are both bipolar and I am waiting to see a Psychologist to find out whether I have it too. I can be very impulsive and reckless and I can also get so depressed that I self harm. But I'm seeking help now and trying to get better.

    I love fashion and mostly dress to a BoHo and Hippy kind of look, I love colourful and I like to be different, I don't always follow social norms, I dress formal as well when I have to with dresses, shirts, blazers and my brogues but I prefer to either wear Toms, Havaiainas or Converses or on a warm day barefoot is best. I love my multicolour velvet leggings and my Lace Shirt Dress, I mostly shop at Asos, Dorothy Perkins, New Look, River Island and Forever 21. I currently have 22 Tattoos all over my body (Mostly Arms and Feet) and 6 piercings my favourite being my Septum.

    I'm an Apple lover and have an iPhone 6, the latest MacBook Pro and an iPad mini. I work in Retail at the moment although I'm not sure what my future goals are yet. I have ideas but right now my transition and recovering from my depression are my main focuses.

    I like to keep fit and healthy and usually cycle to work, I recently purchased a Berry Crush (Purple) Brompton Folding Bicycle and definitely the best £1200 I've spent this year because so far it has been worth every penny.

    I love to meet new people and will happily chat to anyone, but I might not always answer straight away because some days I just need to be alone.

  6. Sublimewithme71

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    Hi if there's anyone still the age of 43 I have now realised.that I really am attracted to other women.In the past I had quite a few people wondering if I was lesbian or bi but I thought those ppl asking such questions of me were dictating my sexuality before I even had a clue of my own identity which was a pretty scary/frustrating thing to deal with.
    As time went on I noticed certain signs more and more. It seemed the more I freed myself from society the more those signs revealed themselves.Of course, coming from a rather repressed background I repressed those feelings..but every now n then they would spill out again.
    Not so long I decided to go from being straight to bisexual,and from my first two sexual encounters with women (which I enjoyed so much more than with men) I decided to accept that I am indeed a lesbian after all and looking forward to some genuinely happy times!:)
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  7. Sublimewithme71

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    I'm from Colwyn Bay in N.Wales btw.I'm more into developing friendships than anything else as I've met someone on another site who seems to genuinely care about me and vice versa..we have quite a few shared interests,etc.
    Please feel free to chat, hook up for drinks n stuff..but I'm saving myself for this special lady!:)
  8. mckenna2

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    My name is McKenna and I will be 30 this summer. I am lezzy and married to a very nice guy who doesn't know. I knew from high school that I preferred to be with girls but yet....I wanted to fit in. I got married after 2 years of nursing school. He is a wonderful guy and we have had 2 children. totally amazing.

    When we have sex I just like so totally zone out or I think of lady bugs flying. When he gets close to his "time", I become more engaged so that he thinks everything is ok. I think from his perspective everything is ok...I mean we have 2 children. but, I never ever find my spot with him. There have been times when I thought maybe...but hasn't happended.

    So, I have resorted to affairs with other gals from work or the gym. It works mostly, but hard to juggle with 2 children and part-time work. My latest gf also has a bf who knows and he always wants to join in. I mean like always. there have been numerous times when I was so in need to being with her that I said ok and just let him join. It makes me sometime wonder if she is seeing me mainly for him. I plan to address this with her cuz I don't like him joining in. He brings some sort of whacky weed stuff and we all partake and it's something I wouldn't normally be doing anymore (used to in hs a lot), but in order to please her I do it. She seems to enjoy being with me, especially when her bf doesn't join.

    Messy situation.
  9. sunflower84

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    sounds very messy.but interesting.

    so if you would to tell your gf that you don't want her bf to join you two anymore. do you think she will call it off then? would that be a deal breaker for her?
  10. DeniseK

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    Hey everyone! The name's Denise I thought I would introduce myself to you all! :)
  11. Metal Groomp

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    Hi!! I'm a 16 yr. old lesbian and I've accepted that I was one about a few months ago. I think women are the most sexiest things to have ever walked the Earth and I hope I can find my dream girl one day.
  12. vjo

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    Hello all, I'm 29years old, and I'm Indonesian, I just found this site and I think this site is better than the other site. For me at least :)
  13. vjo

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    Hey metal, what ur dream girl?
  14. GaysOfOurLives

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    Hey Hey!! New to the site, looking to make some friends, start some convos, and share things about the LGBTQ Community with like minded people :) Not very good at introducing myself, so lets say I am always up for an adventure, love to travel, and am obsessed with buzzfeed. So i'll leave y'all with a funny video and hope to interact soon!!
    Straight Guys Make Dating Profiles for their Lesbian BFFS

    Have a good one :D
  15. WeirdGirl

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    Hiya! I'm Mikki! I'm 17 and I love girls, girls, girls! I'm a weird and very, very sexual person and I actually want a nude buddy! I know, I'm weird af, but I just find the female body so beautiful and it gets old looking at my own and I'm very willing to share!
    PM me!
  16. Jstar

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    Hi, new here looking to make some friends and chat. 32yo Bi married female.
  17. bollieblue

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    Hi I'm hollie I'm 21 lesbian from UK
    I love art, travling, nature and swimming
    I would love to meet some new friends and see what happends
    I'm also maybe looking for travel buddies
  18. Irminsul

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  19. deenahrae

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm new here and wanted to say hello to everyone. Currently in Wisconsin where being a lesbian is rather boring to say the least. Anyway, I hope everyone has a great day!!
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  20. Irminsul

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    Hello, welcome. :)

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