Intro: You Are What You Eat!

Discussion in 'You Are What You Eat!' started by skip, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. ohiomale

    ohiomale Guest

    If i was what i eat, i'd have 2 lips and a clitoris
  2. DiscoPhish

    DiscoPhish Member

    ive just seen what mechanically seperated chicken looks like, which is pretty much all processed meats. i dont eat red meat and now chicken is off the menu.
  3. CharleneB84

    CharleneB84 Guest

    I've been wanting to go vegetarian for awhile, is there any good websites perhaps to look under to help get me started. I don't have the funds for books right now but perhaps a website would have what I need, perhaps?
  4. yes i'm an vegetable!

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