Into The Universe (my try at psychedelia)

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by citrus_seas, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. citrus_seas

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    I'm sitting here, in the grassy fields, being warmed by jupiter's smile,
    The intergalatic rainbow shines on me, all the the while,
    Into the universe, I walk on down the road of many miles,
    As I enter the house of colored floors and psychedelic tiles.

    On A steel horse going west, the liquid daughter rides,
    But her spoken voice cannot be heard amongst the timeless tides,
    The gypsy princess laughs at me while I try to hide,
    But I see the door is locked that shuts in the silver bride.

    In Neptune's garden I sit amongst the newgrown flowers of time,
    Mercury's wink and Pluto's kiss help me along with te rhyme,
    I laugh aloud, and dance and sing while silver-winged bird chimes,
    I leave this place on a magic ship with the jugglers, clowns and mimes.
  2. soulrebel51

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    its lacking a story, making the song seem long and uninteresting.

    the words are good though... I'd remove the comma after "colored floors"
  3. TundraLotus

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    follow the space-motifs, my 2cents! if it seems like it doesn't want to rhyme, then don't let it, as well. if you want it to, let it.

    Into Psychedelia, my try at the universe!
  4. scarlettrhymes

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    Seems to me the last line should read "with" Jugglers ,clowns,and mimes. instead of and. Otherwise good try.
  5. lovelikeair

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    I like the words. Thanks for sharing, Citrus.

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