Internal monologue

Discussion in 'True Confessions' started by Cornflakes, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. Cornflakes

    Cornflakes Member

    Does anyone here have a Internal Monolgue that seems dictate their life
  2. prism

    prism :o

    Yes. It tells me to eat dead rats. Kidding....
  3. The unique Internal monologue i have ever had in my life is scientifically known as PERISTALSIS..
  4. Hikaru Zero

    Hikaru Zero Sylvan Paladin

    Internal monologue?

    Erm ... we all have one. Everyone here who speaks English, has an internal monologue where we think in English. If you learn another language, you'll learn that eventually, you will start thinking in that other language. I speak some German and a VERY little bit of Japanese. Whenever I start speaking (or trying to speak, haha) in those languages, I've learned to shift my mindset and start thinking *in* those languages, and that helps me speak much more fluently.

    So I don't know exactly what you mean by "internal monologue" ... sorry.
  5. I've caught myself talking to myself before if thats what you mean.

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