Interesting correlation between God and light in major world religions...

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    I have come across some observations which depict an interesting correlation between God and light in the major world religions....

    In Hinduism, the Vedas and Hindu scriptures considers the Shivalinga as representing a cosmic pillar of light. The Dharmic monotheistic sect the Prajapita Brahmakumaris consider God to be a point of light. The Upanishads and enlightened masters have also described Brahman to be self-luminous.

    In Islam, Allah has 100 name's, and one of them is Alnoor ( the Light).

    “God is light,” says Jesus Christ (1 John 1:5), in the Bible in Christianity.

    In Judaism, Psalm 76:4 says of God, “You are radiant with light.”

    So this correlation between God and light, is a common denominator in these four major world religions.

    Imo, the fire worship in Zoroastrianism may be illustrating this correlation between God (Ahura Mazda ) and light as well, light being emitted by the fire.

    I would say this may provide more proof that the major world religions are identical in their core, with only superficial differences on the outside creating cause for extremism and conflict. If you find any further proofs or evidences in this regard, please do share it here.

    Thanking in advance. :yum:
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    I have had encounters with the point of light and believe it is an intelligent life-form . One thing I've noticed it loves to do : it enters into and takes over the mind of a butterfly , and then this enlightened butterfly dances a choreographic ballet in the air . There may several butterflies in sync doing this together . Yes , it's a wonder . I haven't considered that these points of light teach morality . However , they may love . Some people think they know how to disarm a nuclear warhead . Perhaps these creatures of light are the faerie .

    Worship is not necessary , denying the whole of existence is stupid .
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    natural enough when people realize light plays a role in where the food they eat comes from.
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    As the spark may enter a butterfly , so it may a man . It is physical . Entry is through the tear-duct and
    causes a momentary sharp pain . Then what ? INTERSECT ( there is will to understand ) . And , yes ,
    the understanding may be so natural as to seem droll , without glory .
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    If you want to learn about religious identical properties in terms of beliefs at their very core, look into what actually creates light. The secret lays somewhere within, you'll find that, sound resonance has EVERYTHING to do with the creation of everything and anything.
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    The sun is humming ? Meanwhile , Mother sang Scottish lullabies to her babe . My first memory of light was in the womb , a warm glow
    through un-opened eyes . I suppose she was lying bare-bellied in the sunshine and singing then , too .
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    I invite you to visit my Simple Explanation blog and to read my book, A Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything. I published this book in 2012 and the blog has been up and running, with regular updates, since 2010. My theory is a true "Theory of Everything" in that it is inherently consistent and logical, and covers comparative world religions, science and cosmology, fractals, consciousness, and a really fresh way of seeing how the world goes together. If you are interested in questions like this, you will like the Simple Explanation site.
    In the ten years of the blog's life, hardly anyone understands the simple cosmology. Seems to contradict the word "simple," but my T.O.E. is simple in the sense of "elegant," clean, and true. Please check it out. A Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything: Simple Explanation Bookstore
  9. Thank you for the invite. I've never been able to understand what is special about fractals.
    I'm not trying to be dismissive I just can't think of anything to say at this point.
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    Simple explanations are usually assumed to use plain English. I know, its silly to expect anyone to use the dictionary these days and actually make demonstrable references to things in specific contexts. It beats flapping your arms. A theory of everything that can not explain the dictionary is limited.
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  12. the triangle seems a little abstract, but I definitely like your premise. :)
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    Since this thread is about light and possibly religion, my latest book and accompanying blog is a cosmology taken from the Gnostic book called the Tripartite Tractate from the Nag Hammadi scriptures. These ancient religious books were buried in the Egyptian desert to protect them from destruction by the rampaging Christians after the Nicene Council declared them heretical. After almost two thousand years under the sand, the books were resurrected in 1945 by an Egyptian farmer plowing his field.
    What I did was take one of the books, which was about creation (and light) and how the Son emerged from the Father (God) and then the angels (aeons) developed out of the Son, and then the Christ developed out of the Father, the Son, and the aeons. It's all very confusing when you read the original texts, but my book is super simple and profusely illustrated by my own diagrams that makes it all clear. I was hoping to demystify the Gnostic gospel for folks who are truly seeking what we call enlightenment. It makes a good read and the illustrations are interesting. A New Gnostic Gospel: BOOKSTORE Please excuse the promotional nature of this post; I hope it is not out of line for this thread. poised in the economy700dpi.jpg
    Here's one of my illustrations:
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    There's a cuneiform tablet I heard of that was dated to a century after the invention of writing, and it complains that their children are becoming lazy and no longer bothering to memorize everything. Every religion in the world is fully aware that without light, you are lucky to be a mushroom growing in the dark, because everything else requires light. Even the rain requires light and people could literally watch it evaporate.

    Gnosticism is nice, but so is a popsicle.

    Fractal Geometry blends into quantum indeterminacy, indicating it is a mixed state of classical causal physics and quantum mechanics.
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    Even scientifically, it all comes from light. Because we know the universe is really not made of hard objects, of "stuff," but of wave forms of energy. Light is the first manifestation of the universe, prior to slowing down the wave forms so they appear to be solid "things." Even the conventional scientific cosmology begins with an explosion of light in the form of the Big Bang. The quantum particles are energetic "light" forms on their way to appearing solid.
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    Nobody has ever measured a photon. Modern Field Theory describes them as vortexes in the fabric of spacetime, but the temperature of spacetime and all its fundamental characteristics don't agree with Field Theory indicating its a bad approximation. Photons simply carry energy and information from point A to point B faster than anything else we can measure and with perfect fidelity, as if they were the invisible messengers of the God that always travel at the same speed in a vacuum. These days, they can even make photonic-matter because nobody can actually identify either photons or the source of mass. Socrates said the only thing that he knew was that he knows nothing and, ironically, it is only when we are humble that we can rise above.

    All the evidence indicates it is every bit as meaningful to think of the future as normalizing the past, eliminating metaphysical and conceptual extremes, as it is to think of the past determining our present. The issue is the lowest possible energy state of the complete system, while Roger Penrose's theory of quantum vibrations in the brain has already received two experimental confirmations. Theoretically, its even possible to automate the processes of going down the rabbit hole taking pictures and measurements the entire way.

    2001 A Space Odyssey never predicted the human brain would be where we meet aliens and Gods, but it is what my people have called the Turning Point for 12,000 years. We don't own words, we simply share them in the public domain. Set your words free, set your mind free, set your heart free and see if they come back to you. The best advice I ever got was always from children.
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    in dzogchen buddhism it is taught that the eyes can actually see to the bottom of the mind. that the mind has a great amount of phenomenon and seeing points or light, colors, chains, syllables, flickering, sun, moon, etc is just play of mind. truth of meditation is spacious and even. experiences suggest the nervous system is settiling into calm abiding, or samadhi. lights are not of any consequence. this is traditional teaching of yogins of hindu and buddist meditations..
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    That's just another way of saying reality has "suchness" or "isness" which is a common Asian description. Our words themselves display both explicit and vague meanings, or particle-wave duality, and we can now even demonstrate how our thoughts emerge from our emotions neurologically. My specialty is the contextual vagueness required to make demonstrable sense out of anything, or to show that it makes no demonstrable sense whatsoever in specific contexts, and how this affects efficiency, fidelity, and integrity. Relativity inevitably transforms into quantum mechanics, because it expresses the same mathematics as thermodynamics and contains the glaring Simultaneity Paradox.

    In other words, bullshit logic rules the universe, because half of everything is magical or inexplicable, and modern science is about to be confronted with a mountain of contradictory evidence all indicating they are complete idiots. Sadly, some of my work is classified by the government and a lot of it censored to an extreme extent online. Logistics are part of AI research and quantum mechanics that have become the next Manhattan Project. I intend to give them more than they ever bargained for. Mother Nature insisted and I agreed with her, despite never wanting anything to do with Babylonians and their money and guns.

    She is one girl you never want to disappoint.
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