Interesting Article, i think it's an uphill battle:

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    but i think that if enough independents vote away from the major parties, then kerry stands a chance of winning. i think dean's enthusiatic drive will be helpful to kerry, good for moderating kerry's less than determined demeanor. (sorry about the bold, can't get it to shut off).

    Liberal activists lukewarm on Kerry

    Need to beat Bush is meeting's theme

    By Mary Leonard, Globe Staff | June 4, 2004

    WASHINGTON -- Liberal Democrats say they are organized, united, and determined as never before to oust President Bush from the White House. But when more than 2,000 of these progressive activists from across the country gathered under a "Take Back America" banner yesterday, it was Howard Dean, not John F. Kerry, who stole their hearts.

    "I'm going to do everything I can to get John Kerry elected president of the United States," Dean said in a booming voice to a standing-room-only crowd of grass-roots activists who had been energized by his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. The audience gave Dean a hero's welcome as he bounded to the stage and delivered a speech that made it sound as though he was still a contender in the presidential race.

    Kerry declined an invitation to address the conference, which was organized by the Campaign for America's Future, a progressive group with strong ties to organized labor. Whether Kerry was intentionally distancing himself from the left wing of the Democratic Party or choosing to spend time campaigning in the battleground state of Florida, support for the presumptive nominee among the activists seemed strong but not enthusiastic.

    "We'd rather [Kerry] were bolder, we'd rather he be stronger in many different ways," said Robert Borosage, codirector of the Campaign for America's Future. "But Kerry is going to decide how he is going to run his campaign, and we're going to focus on the real threat, which is an administration that waged a preemptive war and brought preemptive tax cuts.
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    I was a Dean supporter when he was popular, he really got the ball rolling and should be given credit for that. I think he's more personable than Kerry.

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