Discussion in 'Pets and Animals' started by backtothelab, May 11, 2004.

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    alright, i have this dog, tippy. She's really old, like around my age (15 or 16), and i think she's going insane, like how old humans get. I've met some pretty crazy old people, and i think she's getting a little out there too. Like now, she's in my hallway just pacing. She sits in the hall, walks in my room, walks to the hall... over and over again. When my dad is home, she freaks out barking, like she wants food or a walk(she normally tells me what she wants), but i offer her stuff, and she does'nt want any of it. Does anyone else know someone like this?
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    I had a friend whos dog went insane... poor doggie. :(
    Unforetunetly his dog got really nasty. He ended up not being able to be around people. He took a good bite out of someones leg, put a scar on my friend's grandmother's hand and in the end ended up chasing and trying to attack my friend until he jumped into a pool in a neighbor's yard to get away. The poor dog had to be put down. They can get senile like that though. Sorry to hear about your dog. I would just try to give him a lot of extra love and hope he doesn't get worse :(
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    Tell your dog to enjoy the insanity while it lasts. Not all of us have that pleasure...
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    love everything,crazy or not
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    my mom's 9 year old cocker spaniel seems to be getting a little senile. he still has a healthy appetite, likes to play and seems to mostly know what's going on, though.

    as long as they aren't dangerous, or seem sick or unhappy, don't worry too much.

    most of us will eventually experience some degree of senility first hand, if we live long enough. (and 15 or 16 is very old for a dog...)
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    They can go a little off the wall when they get older. I'd get your vet to check her over, she may be having some trouble with her eyesight or hearing, perhaps that's why she paces & barks & stuff, or perhaps she's feeling some pain somewhere - the old person's aches & pains drama. There may be stuff you can do for her to help her grow old gracefully & keep on enjoying her life. Give her a pat for me, yeah?

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