Infowars not banned in China + My intro to Alex Jones

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    Infowars is not banned in China. This is strange since most western media outlets have been blocked.

    I'm sure the Chinese government is aware of Infowars. Why then do they allow their people to freely visit it? Is the party under the impression that Infowars is a site like The Onion? Do they think the show is so poorly done that it's not worth banning? Maybe there's something else going on behind the scenes...

    - - - - -

    I’ll never forget my introduction to Alex Jones. It was in late 2016, sometime after the election. I was in my last year of school and was living with a bunch of international students in an off-campus student housing building.

    I had stopped smoking weed for about a year and was prematurely turning into an old man (I actually miss that time in my life. Very productive… Oh well…). Anyway, one day I was listening to a program on the BBC and a commercial for a show by Brian Cox came on. I’d watched his programs daily when I was in my first year… Wandering around the forest getting high watching documentaries…

    Long story short, I heard the intro music to the Brian Cox program and was launched into a smoking frenzy. I actually felt high when I heard the music. Very strange. I pulled out my phone, opened weed maps, and found a dispensary in the next town.

    The dispensary itself was a shit show. A stereotypical scene consisting of a bunch of former drug dealers all trying to remain “in the game” (however far removed) by slinging bud from behind the counter. In an alternate universe, I probably work there…

    Anyway, when I got the bud, I headed over to the train tracks I saw earlier on my way to the dispensary. I’ve always loved smoking next to train tracks. I’d bought a bong and a pack of smokes so I could smoke the weed in “poppers”. Blah, blah blah, I know I’ll get shit for mixing tobacco and weed. I don’t give a fuck. When I get high, I want to see the fucking devil and feel lucky to be alive when the experience is all said and done.

    As soon as I started busting up the weed a rush of anxiety came over me. Sweat, chills, an urge to shit. I was even trembling a bit. It’s the kind of anxiety I get when I know I’m going into something rough. It’s odd, the feeling of busting up weed with scissors is like riding a bike. I don’t even have to think and I can chop it up, rivalling the most heavy-duty of grinders (ok, that’s probably not true).

    I knew I had to listen to something familiar while I was getting high, so I threw on an episode of the Brian Cox series that had inspired me to smoke again. As soon as I took the first toke I instantly regretted it. I coughed and coughed. It felt like the show I was watching was mocking me. I thought “Shit, what the fuck have I done? I’ve been on a roll here, and now I’m back in the forest smoking weed.” I had to turn off the show. I felt guilty. I felt like I let Carl Sagan (even though he smoked) and everyone else down. (Yes, I know how stupid/crazy that sounds).

    I needed to listen to something else… Something light… So I put on one of my favourite interviews… Howard Stern and Jesse Ventura. It did the trick. I was in a good mood and laughing again. I didn’t want to bring any of the weed back with me, so I smoked the whole 2 grams at once (I never smoke that much at once. Combine that with the fact that I hadn’t smoked in a year and it's obvious why I was so fucked up).

    When I decided it was time to walk back, I thought it would be fun to follow the train tracks. I was looking through recent Joe Rogan podcasts and saw Alex Jones. I have no idea what made me listen to it. I knew nothing about Jones except that he was big into conspiracies (I had purposely ignored him up until that point).

    As soon as I put the podcast on the whole “high” changed. When I heard Alex Jones’ voice for the first time I actually laughed and laughed and laughed. It sounded like a chainsaw starting up. I thought “Oh fuck, this guy is actually hilarious.” Joe seemed to treat him a bit more special than other guests. This is one of the reasons that it’s glaringly obvious to me that Jones is either some government agent, or an actor. Regardless of what he is, I think he’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever heard in my life. I don’t look at InfoWars for my daily news, it’s an entertainment show to me.

    When the Pizzagate controversy came up, I was so stoned that I started thinking “Jesus fucking Christ, what have I missed in the past year?” (I had spent the previous year with no social media or contact from old friends) I started hearing all of this stuff about the Clinton’s and child sex slavery. I’d always heard about these things from people that I thought were a bit crazy, but to hear it actually be discussed by Jones (who when is on his game, can almost make certain things seem plausible), was shocking.

    If you’ve listened to the particular podcast, you probably know what I’m talking about. It’s a special one. I’ve read other people’s thoughts on that episode, and more often than not, they agree that there was something a bit different about it.

    There are some hilarious quotes. When Jones got stoned and started acting silly I almost pissed myself. Here’s this big bad conspiracy host that all of the mainstream media demonizes sitting up there with Joe Rogan cracking the most childish jokes imaginable. At one point Eddie Bravo goes “Is Trump gonna do anything about the Stratospheric Aerosol Injection program?” and Jones snorts/laughs and goes “Oh yeah, he’s gonna do something about it.”.

    Since then I’ve probably listened to Infowars for about an hour each week. Their articles are very poorly written, so I only watch the news show… To be honest, Alex is the only part of the show I like. The other hosts are just sad. Paul Joseph Watson seems cool, but he’s too much of a whiner for me (It’s probably just that he’s found that writing style works for his audience, so he sticks to it. Can’t blame him). Regardless, I prefer Jones’ method of blaming everything on the Democrat-funded Arabs, Communist Chinese, and don't forget... The globalists and George Soros.
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    The Chinese government probably doesn't have a problem with anything that makes Americans look bad, or batshit crazy.
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    Exactly, Infowars is prof to them that democracy does not work. Look at the people you respect and look at what you believe. Trump and his conspiracy's are good entertainment. You are busy talking about gay frogs and the Chisnse inventing global warming. Meanwhile they sell us their goods and dominate that world.
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    Alex Jones is a total fraud and bullshit artist. Nothing but another actor on the world stage taking his orders from people who want to incite civil unrest in this country. These days the Infowars program is nothing more than a Trump slobberfest and infomercial for useless supplements. FOX News on steroids. Total garbage!!
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    I've met Alex Jones as he is full of shit. Class A douchbag.
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    That's weird. Free speech in China, but not here.

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