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    I thought i would share some of my sites i love to use for the people i see here who are wondering about meditation and how to do it. well after these links (all 3 of them) there shouldn't be anymore posting asking questions on "how to meditate"
    This site below has many many different meditation techniques. it even has a 35 minute mp3 to downlaod and listen to on top, helps guide you through, i swear it feels like 5 mins. really works. Also there are 15+ links including yoga, zen, transcendental, mental/health, anxiety/depression, ect..

    this link "BELOW" has 35+ different meditations, including:
    1) Protection Meditation
    2) Grounding Meditation
    3) Opening of the Psychic Eye Meditation
    4) Focus on Self Meditation
    5) Happy to Meditate
    6) Finding Your Inner Voice Meditation
    7) Breathing in Color Meditation
    8) Focus on Breath Meditation
    9) Mantra Meditation

    10) White Light Meditation
    11) Cleansing Rain Meditation
    12) 4-Minute Relaxation Meditation
    13) Countdown to Stress Relief Meditation
    14) Focus on Music Meditation
    15) Relaxation - Active Meditation
    16) Relaxation -PassiveMeditation
    17) Inner Calmness Meditation
    18) Killer Instincts :X Meditation
    19) Eating Meditation

    20) Focus on Distractions Meditation
    21) Limitless Love Meditation
    22) Group Healing Meditation
    23) Daily Affirmation Meditation
    24) Focus on Heartbeat Meditation
    25) The Mental Organizer Meditation
    26) Ready to Meet Your Guides? Meditation

    27) Focus on the Rain Meditation
    28) Walking Meditation
    29) Seeing in Color Meditation
    30) Island Adventure :sunglasse Meditation
    keep in mind only some of them have audio, also some of them are very short like 5 mins, they give you the basic idea.
    well, happy meditation!!
    here it is:
    ONE MORE; (DEVELOPING ALL 7 CHAKRAS) this is used to open windows/developing psychicability, very long and not for the beginner, but always welcome to check it out. Each chakras have a different color for each location of the chakras located in the body:
    1)Base of spine--ROOT (Red)
    2)genitals -------LIBITO(Orange)
    4)heart-----------LOVE (Green)
    6)third eye------INTUITION (rainbow)
    7)crown/brain---ENLIGHTENED("super-natural" violet?)

    hope this makes sense, also i hope i helped providing alot of this information, peace!!
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    Mike that is such a beautiful post, there is alot of info for people either starting meditation, or people hoping to delve to a deeper level of their personal meditation. Thanks alot,,,, Vibes,
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    no problem. i just hope it gives some assistance to those who are looking for it.

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