indoor growing

Discussion in 'Cannabis Grow Rooms and Greenhouses' started by n3m, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. n3m

    n3m Member

    is it possible to grow ATALL indoors with just using natural light from a window etc
  2. Rocklobster

    Rocklobster Senior Member

    Depends wat part of the world ya live but course its possible. Even in the uk I've seen plants get t above ya head with just natural north light.
  3. n3m

    n3m Member

    in uk, scotland
  4. fishheadbob

    fishheadbob Member

  5. Rocklobster

    Rocklobster Senior Member

    Should be ok in scotland if ya got a nice sunny place. Bloom time is sept oct.
  6. n3m

    n3m Member

    cool man thanks

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