Indigo Children!

Discussion in 'Activist Polls' started by XBloodyNailPolishX, Feb 9, 2008.

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    I was told a few years ago that my oldest son (he's 9 years old) is an Indigo Child. It's a nice thought, and I was absolutely flattered when I found out (what parent wouldn't be?!) but I'm not putting much stock into it. He's an exceptionally bright child, considered to be gifted, and I have high hopes for him. But he's got a big enough head already, he thinks he knows it all already. ;)

    All I can hope is, Indigo or not, that he goes on to do good in one way or another, that he's happy and content in life.
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    wow. i never really noticed exactly how many people are uneducated or dont even care about their true nature. reality. there are 2 or 3 posts on here with legit information. the rest is just people still stuck in the same old routine.

    download that..

    <3 Namaste! <3

    instead of denying anything that seems "out there", because you think you are so logical. go look at what einstein has said. "out there" is logic. =] instead of denying the souls from the indigo ray that are only here to help. lets instead dazzle ourselves in the beauty of our new visionary tribal culture that we are creating, to get out of the old way. because our old system is unstable, our oldworld greed system is backed by hate and greed. the new system of galactic conciousness is backed by love and compassion. a much more stable foundation for life.

    instead of denying our indigo brothers, go to and enjoy some of the concioussness uploads. as well as enjoy our Laptops, Cell phones, Internet...etc. without our brothers knowledge. we would stil lbe useing offwhite computers and huge gigantic phones the size of your face, as well as no internet.. =/

    indigo's have been coming since the 40's or so. they are not anything new. the part thats new is the rapid increase in indigo births. its almost reached 100% of new births being indigo.

    Dream--> Create --> Share <-- our new way of life.

    rather then Time=Money
    it is now Time=Art

    <3 Namaste <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if people are still argueing about stuff. Go back and Read Cosmicdust's post again. there is Alot of good information compiled into there.

    it has tooken scientists and most of us a long time to get alot of this information, which is all proven accurate. by some of the highest IQ's and most intelligent minds/organizations. and Cosmicdust has compiled it all into one Post for you. =]

    yes, this was all very very very fascinating and MIND BLOWING back when it was all in the early stages of discovery. "in recent times" , (because we already know that ancient egypt and atlantis were already farther along on the knowledge/wisdom then we are right now. but because of us going into it all over again, im sure it will that much more exciting and less primitive.) but besides how awesome and insane and weird this all was back when it was first being discovered.(quantum,reality,crystal technology, aliens...etc) iwe are actually lucky right now, even tho its not as super fascinating as it was, we have so much information about it all, that its even more fascinating to get involved then ever before!!

    i would much rather join a small group of people that are ready to change the world through love and compassion, rather then dwell in a dying system, feeding to the fire and waiting for it to collapse. that small group is more valuable to me than the mass that doesnt care or believe. although, i still love all of humanity, and hope everyone will slowly join in the expanding of our earths conciousness as a planet in the universe, as we find more and more evidence and resources as well as interesting events that are recorded for all to see. mabye then more people will believe. =]

    but for now, our dreams are enough proof.

    <3 again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Someone told me that I am an indigo child and that my daughter is too, but I really honestly don't know too much about that so how do you know if that is true?

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