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    I'd like to have your thoughts on that e-mail program - how long have you used it? Have you had problems with it? How do you like it?

    I've used it for about 3 months and I love it so much... it's so great, I can send such beautiful e-mails with it and it's so fun to use, I love the 3D effects and the notifiers, as well as the skins and Letter Creator. I've created a bunch of them... The only think I dislike about it is that you have to pay to get the Gold Gallery, and I heard from people who've use the program for a longer time that it is a new thing! Before everything was free... oh well, it's still a great program that I would recoment to anyone who has POP access with Outlook Express or any other POP client.
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    I used to have it... I only used it for spell check for my book reports though. :eek: I used to copy and paste it and spell check it. :cool:
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    It appears the gMail, googles new mail service is getting ready to obliterate the web mail's gotta be shaking in the pants!

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