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    ...I upset the whole world I set up and set up snaringly."--Who

    Part 1:

    Dont count on how slow you can think a future arrive. Dont fall for your thinking. When set up, know, your thinking becomes a snare Whose, since the whole world is what? "Concerning up on matters of etc." Find concern up on (= GO) snare.

    Part 2:

    Nothing better than when the world must not think on some thing a concern. Then thinking is your foe alone since a certain snare literally in thought by thought is the sharp double-edge sword of the mouth or the voice you all have more than just physically. Behold your thought's mouth hence, behold your thought's voice hence. Try not having a concern all you want hence for preparing, but the world dwells on concerns of all sorts. Sure you are having concerns with what someone (even yourself) says (and the tone in such), does, or how looks. If you can beat what the world does, then you aren't the world. The world itself is a living device inclining with major draw and pull into concerns.

    Part 3:

    Are you concerned with what some slut did to Boddy?

    Are you concerned with how many ppl so-n-so slept with?

    Are you concered with how come so-n-so is making more money than you are in the same exact job?

    Are you concerned with how the girl next door thinks of you?

    Are you concerned with the very middle climax of future?

    You get the drift. You been thought women make the world go 'round for a while until the truth hit you just now sharply in telling you certainly concern been (and is) making the whole world go 'round up onto going over an edge (an edge of a sword of any 'concerning' thought).

    What Makaveli say? "Fuck what you thought! It streaks nites!"

    Nites is short for ignites. How do you address your concerns? What type continually is your concern? Well you (part 2) do ignite things by addressing your concern. You and I know certain stay having a concern with how they get to somebody in a bad way and then even decievingly add on the same concern when coppin the get to somebody theme.

    What Godsmack say? "You're every "Not" thing that you're doing For me!"

    "Not" in middle implying a difference how "Not" is seperate from what is spelling forth before it. and "Not", an actual "Not", is doing For me rather than ever what's spelling forth which is defferent before actual "Not". Know how no automation doing against an actual me.

    "Butt my words (thought wise and physical wise) shell knot pass a way."

    Since you use words Who know are external and therefore non-pure, such shows indeed you have a concern with the getting to somebody theme with words which the quote has implying plagueing since right next to "my". Anyhow, Butt is an attachment with such words. And since such words are your voices or mouths, what do you think in how the snare is laying such the ability you even technically dwell on with any using the world living device (the voices)? If there was no voices, then there can be no addressing words of concernings which is what the world does do. Now when you find you taking a Butt because of my words externally plagueing by/with your thought or physical mouth so concerning with getting to somebody theme, show me something raw then how you will agree for it For me. Sure you assign somebody plaguing words you will say over and over. Sure you find a way you can say such words. Plaguing words activate through the very snare so you know even as you think on saying a plague is how a BUTT kick in! Butt can be Rock of Ages HIT them bones or Butt can be core blading-torching which flood body or Butt can show external how the ashes go asunder by a cigar butt being a flick off or Butt can butt you out the physical body while an automation make you consume or do something you, when back, then get is something bad which can be anything or Butt can disfigure the body part you use to ensure plaguing crafts. Dieing starts with even crippling for worse slow eventual dieing (and sure more is due of dieings for a cycle). Dwell on plague or dwell on plague you know about? Ha! Who Butt cha, and know dawning and even will witness raw enough! Middle of the future! Show me the money! Figure of speech. "Semi-automatic fire. Where my money at? Sort of like the government collecting the mint."--Who. Get why green stands for "on" or "go." You know yellow stands for coward or a cowardly action.

    "And plus, my 2nd hand say it's mid nite!"--Makaveli

    A 2nd hand smoke until a butt need be shaking. Get your 2nd hand smoke my way, and I'll whoop you bluntly. When I smoke, I smoke, but when I don't smoke, dont make me on my off time from smoking. I choose when I smoke only, nobody else better.

    Ay! Let me see which human body they even make me think is behind a plaguing mainly. And when you let me onto a surity concerning which, then nothing more than such Who Butt till next in line only such can be then thought plagueing gets the Butt... After enough close till nothing close, then becomes just the whole world surely thought behind the plagueing. And you know what will happen then when I see the root of the problem. Hey, then I've witnessed enough and due a leave so the world can then experience Lake of Fire and Brim Stove up top the planet.

    Who is the middle of the future. is going, 2 make X! hard 2 :)

    ^^note the black in the yellow smilie? Sure some thing arises since the coward plague is what is symbolizing. Note the black inner, etc. similar to all the Butt descriptions I point out, in symbolics. Hard 2 when you do cowardly. I crank it up! I show you how 2 roll a Blunt. Big or small cowardly things I show you how I handle 'em hard. And I show me my money.

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