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Discussion in 'So you want to be a Vegetarian?' started by moonflower04, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. moonflower04

    moonflower04 Member

    i used and actually still do carry fruit and veggies with me alot just incase someone i was hanging out with had a mc donalds or taco bell craving i alway had back up so i wouldnt be tempted ... works out quite well actually
  2. xexon

    xexon Destroyer Of Worlds

    Whats wrong with a bean burrito? (with extra onions please)

    I eat at Taco Bell a couple times a month. Even with the small selection availible for a vegetarian.

    I don't go to Mcdonalds.

  3. moonflower04

    moonflower04 Member

    im allergic to gluten
  4. xexon

    xexon Destroyer Of Worlds

    Sorry to hear this. Some people actually grow out of it as they age.

    I had a cousin that was allergic to certain forms of protein as an infant. Now he eats anything he wants.

    Good luck.


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