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Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by WatchinUfromtheBridg, Jun 7, 2004.

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    Hi ...i'm livin in Switzerland and i speak french and i've got a poor level in english language. In fact i'm livinin a house near of geneva until the end of June and i will probably had to go out live in the streets since July...i'm not working i'm in search of a communal livin' even outside of this country whee people use to love money as much as their children... I know the future looks blur...
    Since the last 6 months i was thinkin' bout join a community (but they're all in the States) and now i've got no choice...
    If you're in Europe and know some informations about a community even if it's only a plan ...i'm interessed...i need to work ...not like a dog ...but some hours to built something or whatever... I need it just to stay safe at less in my mind...

    ok bye ...and yankee can answer mw too...i need some advice or informations even from space if it was possible :p
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    heya Bridge watcher,

    My french is not good enough to communicate...
    All too often people wait for the community to come to them when all we really need to do is to start acting as if.... Which means that we treat the people we are around as if they are peopel of like mind whom we wish to share space with and with whom we communicate before putting out changes that affect them as well as us.
    Now even in community or starting or people talking of community that does not always happen - often people make changes even before they have sat together in a circle and shared space.

    Somewhere in the old forums there was a couple who were starting a retreat space in the mountains near the border in Czechoslovakia(sp?) - .. - attempting to gather like minded people together here in the finger lakes region of N.Y. state in the U.S., and going ahead and acting as if and building and preparing.... there are only 3 of us as yet and 1 has to go back to Germany for 6 months (sob) as the INS (immigation) said she was visiting Germany insterad of here on her visitors visa (more details in *Waysharing* - personal forum about the community attempt) - so awfully busy and will probably not have the time to find the posts and information in the forum archives about the people forming the retreat space in Czechoslovakia.

    But do Not give up; acting as if is a long tried and true method for manifesting that which is desired in the mind, here in the physical.

    Blessings and Wholeness to you on your Way

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