Impressions of smoked caapi leaf (plain; not extract or changa) before doing DMT

Discussion in 'DMT' started by TryptaNice, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. TryptaNice

    TryptaNice Member

    Recently I tried smoking caapi leaves (showcased on the package as having been originally from Terence Mckenna's farm in Hawaii, though who knows if this is true), and then smoking DMT about 15 minutes after that. I did this twice in one night: smoked 4 bowls full of the caapi leaf, then smoked about 15mg of DMT, then about 45 minutes after the first effects of the DMT went away, I had about 4 more bowls of the caapi, waited the same amount of time and then smoked about 20mg of DMT.
    I noticed the following differences, compared to smoking DMT on its own:
    -15-20mg definitely went a much longer way than it normally would.
    -the DMT burnt into the mesh in 'the machine' smelled soooo delicious! I usually like the smell/taste of DMT, but this was a noticeable difference. When I even saw the DMT, it sent shivers down my spine. I felt so drawn to it; it was as if all my senses were just loving this DMT on every level before I even ingested it.
    -Holding in the DMT vapor seemed different than usual. It was so much easier to take huge hits without the risk of coughing, and holding it in for a long time was just second nature. Hell, my lungs *liked* it. It felt very right somehow.
    -The feeling I got when it first came on was different. There was more of a body feeling than usual, and that strange alienlike-yet-familiar feeling that is the essence of hyperspace set in after only one hit. It seemed to hit me more quickly than usual, but all the same it took longer to build in effects and slowly became more bewildering over the first 5 minutes rather than the onset being the most bewildering part.
    -Wayyy more OEVs than usual, both times. Everything in the entire room seemed to have an entity within, and all objects looked like they had flowing edges floating and evaporating into the spaces around them. (I remember that my purse turned into a piranha-entity. Haha.)
    -Felt a 'presence' that was undoubtedly not from the DMT alone. I've done DMT so many times on its own that this was very obvious to me right away.
    -The entities I met seemed to be of a more 'serious' nature than usual and the experience took on a more serious tone overall.
    -The main part of the trip lasted longer and the after effects lingered for an hour or two afterwards as well (maybe until the caapi's effects wore off).
    -It really felt *wonderful*. All else aside, the peacefulness was amazing and I basked in it. I usually love DMT for the feeling it gives me alone, but this bliss was indescribable and persisted for a very long time!

    So yes, this definitely works! Anyone who said the dried caapi leaves wouldn't work must've had a totally different experience than I did. Even after just having the caapi alone, before I added the DMT, I experienced effects. I noticed a feeling of things looking different, yet I couldn't place my finger on what it was that made things seem different. When I laid down, I felt so nicely floaty. I also was so much more aware of all he sounds, sights and other things I could sense in my environment.

    Sorry about the lack of details regarding trip content, entity contact etc.... they are a bit too personal to share here. All I know is that I am going to have to revisit this caapi + DMT realm again in a couple of months or so - my life is currently in a major state of transition and I learned from those two experiences that I ought to wait and partake again later after the storm has passed.

    Would love to know others' experiences with smoking just the caapi leaf to enhance the effects of DMT and other psychedelics, particularly before DMT (not DMT-enhanced leaf or changa as in smoked at the same time as DMT) and smoking it during longer trips (such as mushrooms, as Terence McKenna recommended). I decided to share this here because most people seemed to be smoking caapi 10x or more etc, or using harmala extracts. I'd read on some forums that the plain leaf didn't potentiate or change the experience much... But for me, it did... so I wanted to share.

    Also, have others too noticed the same "yummy DMT" phenomenon that I experienced (that it's so much more enjoyable to smell/taste/inhale/ even look at DMT after ingesting harmalas)? :DDDDD
  2. gendorf

    gendorf Senior Member

    I want to try this! my dmt machine can not hold high doses properly so harmala alkaloids are my only ticket into stronger experiences at the moment!!
  3. TryptaNice

    TryptaNice Member

    Well either get a new machine, or yes, caapi does work wonders! Or do both, hehe. It seems like it (caapi) makes the experience more guided, serious and spiritual IME. If you try this, let me know how it goes!! :)
  4. gendorf

    gendorf Senior Member

    I am smoking changa! smells like caapi and tastes like DMT.
    the experience seems to last longer. mellow.. I did not smoke much yet... just testing it.
    Caapi is amazing but kinda starts up my gag reflex as I have experimented with caapi based ayahuasca before.
    The purging and the smell of caapi is forever linked in my mind :p
  5. I have smoked changa 3 times and dmt freebase twice. Much prefer the changa, it feels far less wasteful. Two big bowls and I was gone. Geometric patterns and clouds pouring into my chill out room. Truly transfomatory. One of the most profound experiences of my life!

  6. I lived in CPH for 6 months in 2007. Still wear my bevar Christiania shirt to this day


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