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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by tamxxx, May 13, 2007.

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    I have a friend who's only a little younger than me (I'm 65.) He told me about a really horny girlfriend he had when he was young. Apparently, they both incorporated a lots of fantasy and roleplaying in their sex life. One time, they pretended that it was his job to get her pregnant, supposedly against her will (kind of a rape fantasy.) After about a week of that, they decided that she was pregnant and they switched gears. Now, it was his job to fuck her at least twice a day, to "feed the baby"! (Apparently, in their fantasy, unborn children are healthiest when they receive multiple servings of nutritious cum every day as their primary source of food!)

    I've never been disappointed with any of the women I've fucked, but I've always wished that at least one of them would have been enthusiastic enough about it to enjoy a little bit of kink.
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    You need help
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    My wife after 42 years of marriage, menopause and a vasectomy will still tell me to make her pregnant when I cum in her.
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    Yes I've heard that one before. And in the heat of things it can be pretty hot.
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    My wife and I don’t want to have kids yet but I have recently developed this fantasy.

    I’ve mentioned it to her and have slowly started to incorporate a bit of impregnating dirty talk during sex.
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  6. Most women I've been with said something along the lines of this thread. Be it fertile men are more attractive or the RISK of pregnancy from not being on BC or wearing a rubber is a turn on, they've made it clear it adds to the experience.
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    Since I am not able to have kids, I've recently told my wife that I want her to fuck a stranger without a condom.
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