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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by tamxxx, May 13, 2007.

  1. Whoyoucantsee

    Whoyoucantsee Member

    The excitement comes from the risk of getting my partner pregnant, but when i wake up the next morning with her snuggling my chest with a smile on her face, I cant ruin this relationship or her still youthful life with a child, it hits me....the total fear of being a father, and makes me feel a little strange about how i was soo determined the night before to teeter on the thin line of the matter.

    A child should be planned i think, the "drunkeness" one feels having this power is immesurable tho. there have been times when i thot I made foolish mistakes just to keep a partner around too....not a good idea...
  2. kelticman1972

    kelticman1972 Member

    I'm very much into sex that is intended to result in a child being born.

    This is the main reason why I just don't want to have sex with someone unless she is someone I want to have kids with. Naturally I'm extremely picky about who I have sex with.
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  3. ariekanibalie

    ariekanibalie Member

    Here's a modern perversion you don't hear many people about: sex for making babies. Has the sexual revolution come full loop, so that now, what with the 'cream pie' fetish in pornography and all, the next level is to actually knock a girl up? I find this psychologically intriguing on many levels. I'm sure, as a fantasy - a.o.t. a 'planned' parenthood' - it's an ego thing. Sex, for men, is a lot about acceptance, and a woman does not get more accepting than by allowing a man to impregnate her. What is probably beyond the fantasy, is the very mundane reality of subsequently being a father and having the responsibilities this entails. The fantasy is more along the lines of 'love 'em and leave 'em,' sowing your oats freely, but without the practical consequences. Perhaps the thought of ruining a young woman's life through so careless an act as not pulling back when you're supposed to, adds a certain intrigue to the, in this sexually blase age, old up and down ritual.

    I'm not going to pretend to be above it all, though. My current gf has had sexual innuendo's before we met, which required her to resort to the morning after pill. I have never had better sex than with her, and doubt I ever will, but there are those - often mariuhana aided - moments where I wonder whether this mr. X - who, hardly coincidentally, was also a total prick - may not have gotten closer to my girl than I ever will (we will probably not bring a child into this world, we are both philosophical pessimists, siding with Schopenhauer, in that it is probably best to never be born). Is this maybe it, that the utter seriousness of pregnancy, juxtaposed with the carelesness of modern sexual relations, breeds its own 'natural' perversion?

    This topic looks - oh, the irony - pretty dead, but I'd really appreciate further ideas, people
  4. Fingermouse

    Fingermouse Helicase

    Woar zygote!?!? ZYGOTE!? WOOOOAORRRR :confused:
  5. allinternal

    allinternal Member

    For me I just want to have more kids. I suppose since my wife does not, it becomes more intense. I've had this fantasy growing in me now for about 5 years. I keep trying to shake it but the desire to turn fantasy into reality seems to grow. I do agree with the post that referred to it being a natural instinct. Something really primal about it for sure. Also It seems to hold a sense of deep intimacy that a lot of sexual acts do not. I've read online that it can be percieved as an act of control or domination for most men who have this fantasy. I disagree. I just want to have that closeness and the bond that goes with it. Weird? Crazy? There are worse things to trip on thats for sure! :)
  6. lunarverse

    lunarverse The Living End

    the thought of my dick in a vagina in general turns me on...
  7. la Principessa

    la Principessa Old School HF Member

    Sometimes it turns me on thinking I could get pregnant...until the next morning when I think I could actually be pregnant. lol
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  8. aadiaislinn

    aadiaislinn Guest

    As a woman with this fetish, I must say... I can't force myself to use a barrier method of contraception, and it is every bit forcing myself to be on the pill. I'm very early 20s, barely old enough to drink but I've been having "issues" with this fantasy since I was 17 or so. I can't get off if he doesn't get off, and it's even better if he can keep going after he gets off. Thankfully, my fiance fully understands and doesn't mind the comments of 'c'mon baby, put your seed in there, make a baby' kina stuff. Had an ex though who wanted to control me and would try to keep me from taking the birth control and would only get off while screaming about knocking up his cumdumpster. Needn't really say, but there's a reason he's an ex - I wasn't a person to him. Just a baby factory. Heh. But this fetish for me may stem from the fact that I've now miscarried twice on birth control and went two and a half years with very regular unprotected sex and never even got knocked up. Fear of being barren, perhaps.
  9. AnonymousGirl

    AnonymousGirl Member

    You know, the few times my partner and I actually tried for a baby (doesn't take much for us, thanking our lucky stars) the sex WAS very sexy and intense and definately very memorable.

    For me, I find it hot. I don't really fantasise about it though, but if, for what ever reason, I thought about having sex and getting pregnant, its a turn on. I love my other half cumming deep inside me. I love the connection we feel at that particular moment, knowing what we had just done could potentially (most likely) create a baby. The intense love I feel for him, and the desire to carry his baby (again).
  10. DisasterCatGirl

    DisasterCatGirl Members

    i have this fantasy. Sometimes i think about going to a theater or some other seedy place and let a bunch of strangers go at me. There's just something about the thought of having men use me that way and knowing i could end up pregnant that seriously turns me on.
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  11. This has always been a huge turn on especially as a teenager. I would imagine the scenario where a girl wanted me so much even though she wasn't on birth control and we didn't have a condom she was still raring to go despite the fact that having a baby would ruin her reputation and quite possibly her life.
  12. Fireballs469

    Fireballs469 Members

    Well, my fantasy is sorta close.
    I'd love to have a woman wanting me to impregnate her, so much that we have sex very frequently & her taking every load I can give her. We'd try & try & try, without success. Eventually I'd have to make a decision.... should I let her know or not, that I'd probably never get her pregnant because I got clipped a long time ago? :flushed: Or should I just enjoy the situation? ;)
  13. Treesa

    Treesa Members

    Prior to being married and settling down a few guys I had sex with had suddenly got really hyped in the moment and would want to impregnate me and force unprotected sex. Fortunately I never did get pregnant by any of them because the moment they were done with me so was the hype of impregnating me.
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  14. Escierto

    Escierto Members

    In my life I impregnated my ex wife four times and it was wonderful every time. I loved fucking her knowing that I was knocking her up.

    With my transgender girlfriend, I now fantasize that she is impregnating me with her sperm when she fucks my ass. Only recently I found out that she has the exact same fantasy. When she cums in my ass she imagines that she is making me pregnant. How I wish it could actually happen.
  15. Cowman

    Cowman Members

    Would love to see another man get my wife pregnant
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  16. Romper

    Romper Lifetime Supporter Super Moderator

    In reading some of the cuckold posts in the HF, this seems to be a common fantasy. The cuckold husband not only lets another man fuck his wife, but he wants him to get her pregnant as well. It is more widespread than I would have ever thought.
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  17. Modasflower

    Modasflower Members

    Sounds like a very costly fetish.
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    CURTDONOR Newbie

    I do have an fantasy about impregnating girls, it is real. I just get aroused thinking about it. I've already done 7 attempts, three women ghosted me, so don't know if they got pregnant. One woman I attempted four times, one time didn't take and three resulted in chemical pregnancies (very early miscarriage).

    CURTDONOR Newbie

    I'd be curious, which websites you use.

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