Imagining Radical Communities of Care: The AntiUniversity

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    Imagining Radical Communities of Care: The AntiUniversity, London and Athens

    In conjunction with the events in London and Athens on the 11th of June 2018, for The AntiUniversity,we want to create a digital space to display, store, and share (in)visible forms of care. We hope by sharing these experiences, we may begin to see where we can make radical demands of care.

    Care is a fundamental practice in human life. Though it comes in many distinct modalities, care is at the base of all forms of social reproduction, traversing both public and private spheres. Whilst performed as intimacies its dominant forms are inspired by, and inseparable from institutional structures and hegemonic discourse.

    The fervent financialization of the public and the private life in the context of austerity, renders state-provided care marginal in all sectors. Through exploring embodied modes of care we hope to map the different ways in which individuals and communities give and receive care, and how these are made (in)visible. We want to create a collaborative praxis of the ways in which care is enacted by participants with radically diverse experiences. We will travel through eachothers spaces, learning how to rearticulate care as a radical political demand.

    The workshop is going to take place in London and Athens simultaneously, connected by live stream. The framework is three loose practical exercises to create sharing circles, facilitating trust and imaginative conversation.

    Workshop Format:
    - Sharing stories through meaningful (or meaningless) objects

    - Mapping/drawing our own personal geographies of care

    - Group sharing, and opening up those points of care to find links with other communities of care and the role of institutions in shaping these experiences.

    -We will then reconvene and share what we have discussed, coming up with a list of needs and demands connecting through livestream from Athens-London/London-Athens.

    Through our own individual understanding of care, and extending this to wider geographies, we look to the forces that determine how we locate care in our daily experiences. We will then use these reflections to discuss how we can conceptualise what a radical community of care could look like. By comparing our maps we can learn from practices of care performed in different political contexts and spaces.

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