Imagine if Americans cared as much about 9/11 as not getting a haircut

Discussion in 'Politics' started by unfocusedanakin, Apr 30, 2020.

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    The problem with America is they focus on the wrong battles. They are so sensitive to "freedoms" going away but they only apply this thinking to things that benefit them. There is no big picture just the idea you can do whatever you want whenever you want. Similar to a toddler. You are not going to take their juice box of close the gun store or else there will be a tantrum. Anger because they don't really understand what is going on just that they personally did not get what they wanted in the moment.

    A disease is attacking the world so shops must close. Americans threaten to use guns on a virus and say it's communism.

    A terrorist attacks New York and because of that there is all sorts of government invasion into their lives. Patriot acts, trouble flying etc. None of these militia types cared about that because in their mind war is American and war is good. So how can war take your rights? I was a kid when 9/11 happened and even then it was odd to me how all these right wing types 100% accepted what the government told them. No one protested. Almost as if they trusted the government:astonished: The idea of "not caring since you have nothing to hide" was everywhere.

    The only thing that can do that is the government asking you to do something. For example when Obama was president it was a violation of freedom to tell kids to eat healthy. How dare that women (who is a man anyway they said) tell my little jr he's fat. I will make that choice. Now it's a violation because you are told you can't have a NFL season. Your recreation is not happening. But other people's rights you know the brown ones who gives a shit? The full force of bureaucracy should crush those people. It's what freedom really is. What are they hiding that this bothers them?

    Or what about voting for a man in Mr. orange that has endorsed censoring the press and having a national religion. You know who else censors the press? Communist China and I thought Sharia law was bad. Seems these people do not agree and do want a religious society.

    America is about 20 years too late to be upset over haircuts if they really cared about freedom.'
    Back then it was OK to give it all up and now they think they can take a stand because in their words freedom is so important we must accept death and people doing bad things. OK so this applies only to your suburban life I see.

    If you think a lockdown sucks you should also accept an end to ANY profiling of Muslims and there should be no NSA because freedom means you give people the benefit of the doubt.
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    Unfocusedanakin - Brother …… you drilled it right in the center.

    America has NO SPINE, ethics, morals, integrity, or sanity these days ………………… only selfishness. "I want what I want, right now, and I don't care about anyone else, or how my actions affect others."

    With freedom, also comes RESPONSIBILITY. That's the part no one wants to accept.

    The truly short-sighted and short-memory-ed seem to have forgotten about all the freedom restrictions that were "forced" on the U.S. public after 9-11. But today, behind-the-scenes agitators incite hatred and violence in …………………………….. wait for it …………………………................. an ELECTION YEAR. Common sense has been drowned out by political ambitions, and willful political blindness!!!!

    Kudos, Unfocusedanakin, for pointing out the differences in public reactions to "forced restrictions" because of a crisis.
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