im wondering what this dream means

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Newport_smoker, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. it started out as me my dad and my two sisters moving into this new house. i didnt like it tho. i meet these two kids who lived in the neighberhood and they kept telling me the house was hounted.....i kept telling my dad it was a bad place to we were moving our stuff in the boy i meet kept saying wheres the broom its always at the top of the house where is and my dad were cleaning some sand stuff from under the porch and i didnt know what the kid was talking about than later we went to the boys house for dinner and i looked out the window and saw the house was on fire....i kept screaming and i was scared......(i never actually got to see the inside of the house) but at the end i rember talking to my sisters and they just kept telling me that everythign was gonna work out and i kept crying. my sister turns to me and says i saved this and it was a little phone.

    when i woke up i was still crying. but no one got hurt or anything it was just weird...can anyone help...also i'v had this dream b4...a few times but i never made it past the part where we are moving everything in and the boy is yelling.
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    Hi Newport_smoker,
    In dreams a house symbolizes the self. The boy symbolizes a new, perhaps opposing perspective that you gain exposure to with time (invitation to his house). Fire and burning symbolizes transformation.

    In other words, a new sperspective will cause natural transformations within yourself. It doesn't sound like you are comfortable with any of this from the dialogue, but you should trust your sister's assurance that everything will be okay, and go with the flow.

    A telephone symbolizes telepathic communication. Rest assured that the most important treasure within yourself will remain after your transformational process.

    Hope that helps!
  3. that actually does thanks alot like it really freaked me out and i havnt been able to get it out of my head

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