Im wishing my life away.

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by Griffster, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. Griffster

    Griffster Member

    Come the 8th of april.3 bleedin months of Southampton til I get to go to The city of the Gods.Jesus mary and joseph thats 12 weeks.aaagggghhhhhhh
  2. velvet

    velvet Banned

    Hey.. I was wondering... what exactly do you find so attractive about Amsterdam. I mean.. sure.. it's a great city.. but in the end it's pretty much a place to lead your normal everyday life you know? If you live there for a while, you get used to things.. it's different from being somewhere on vacation. I'm kinda thinking that you might have a severe case of 'escapism' and that you will be greatly dissapointed once living here.

    The reason I'm still trying to move over there is solely because my boyfriend lives/works there and my job oppurtunities are skyhigh there. Other than that, I'm quite happy where I live now.. lots of pubs, very friendly people, near German border and forests, very leftwing city.. etc etc..

    So basically.. what do you hope to find in Amsterdam that you can't find somewhere else?
  3. Griffster

    Griffster Member

    Well Velvet.
    I live in a City called Southampton(gate way to the world,it was once called).
    Living in Southampton the UK for that matter has its pro,s and its con,s.I am and always will be English,but Iv always had a fondness for the Dutch.the way they live there lives,the way they take things in there stride,the way they kick back.I like to think thats how I do things.Iv spent a lot of time in Amsterdam over the years and the vibe never changes.England and the Netherlands share a great deal in common except two things.Here in England we have freedoms most of the world can only dream off,But in the Netherlands you have freedoms we the English can only dream off.and the other thing is that great dutch word Tolerence.The english are not a tolerent race,in fact we are aggressive,violent,self asorbed and opinionated.We may well be the power house of europe but we lack tolerence of any kind.there will never be that melting pot that you have in your country.may be one day we will have your FREEDOMS.

    Bit heavy for a friday mornning but then you did ask.
  4. velvet

    velvet Banned

    Yeah.. but don't be fooled.. there is a lot of hatred going on here between natives and muslim immigrants.. 'Tolerance' isn't what is should be.. we are only a multi-cultural society because we happen to have a lot of cultures in our country.. but mostly they all live their own life and don't interfere with eachother that much.

    I know there are problems in the UK as well between whites and paki's.. and I think there are tensions everywhere in Europe nowadays, since the whole 'oh my god, you pray to allah, you terrorist!' thingie Bush is trying to shove down our throats ;) It's nothing but fear of the 'unknown' I guess..

    Just don't be fooled that in Holland or Amsterdam everyone is living happily together..
  5. Griffster

    Griffster Member

    Agreed,without getting to political the hatred of muslim people here is very deep.but thats really not the point is I could earn more money,live a better life and do the things I like to do over there that I cant do here.I would live no where else except here or may well be another country I want to move to but its a free country and its an hours flight to come back home when the Dam weekends are getting too much.

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