I'm on 45mg DXM right now

Discussion in 'Other Drugs' started by Searching4ASoul, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. The last time I was on DXM was about 3 years ago and it was more than 90mg. The last time, I was in a strange trance, but life didn't seem real somehow and the problems didn't matter. Today was one of the worst days ever, so I had 45 mg DXM about 20 minutes ago or around 2:45p.m. or something. I don't feel it much. Whatever changes are there are very subtle and seem to come up slowly. I still somewhat care about the problems, but am slowly not caring much anymore and slowly getting detached. I find that it's always slow for the come up. It seems that this time, I won't be in a trance much, but I'll just have to wait and see. It seems to still be coming up, but slowly. I might have another 15mg, but I'm not sure. I'm at a public computer place. I want to take another 15mg DXM. Dextromethorphan is DXM. I need use the bathroom too. Maybe I'll kill two birds in one stone. Make that 2 stones! :) Haha! Two stones! XD
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    wow, one whole gel tab..
  3. G0dm4ch1n3

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    I hate the slow come up. Last time I took DXM I took 900mg (60 gel caps) and It took 2 hours to come on. I thought it was never going to happen then BOOM! That was DEF the wildest trip ever. Wilder than DMT to me even because I couldn't really see or hardly move for hours on end and I felt like I kept transcending dimensions until I was completely disassociated from my body.

    I doubt I would even feel 45mg. You must be very petite/small.
  4. I couldn't find the gel tab, so I got the cough syrup for "cough". It has two substances in them, but none of the toxic acetaminophen. I took another 22.5mg DXM. That's a total of 67.5mg or around that. I don't feel the trip, I feel a trancelike state when on it. Then again, I haven't done a high enough dose usually and rather trip on some other things(just that other stuff is not available). I live where there are no hallucinogens in sight and it bothers me.
  5. G0dm4ch1n3

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    Oh, yeah... I'd keep it low then esp because you are in public.
  6. It's 67.5mg and still coming up. Not sure if I finish coming up or not. It's like a mini trance I think. I might watch some videos to pass the time. I guess I'm keeping it low. DXM is hard to come by where SWIMS is.
  7. d0nny

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    wow. you must be soooo fucked up.
  8. Whatever you say. I Don't DXM often and it still affects me when I try it. The come up is just slow. It's just that most people booze it up when on DXM. I don't. Why do you attack me. It's just that I didn't care about my digestive track when I was younger. Some countries don't teach you how to eat exactly right. My mind is sharp. My muscles work fine. It's just that my digestive system is not at it's optimal level. You seem like you care too much about what others do. It's like the time I was telling others and showing evidence about how alcohol is worse than ecstasy and other stuff. I rarely do drugs and super-rarely drank alcohol. You just care too much. Just care a little less and join the dextro-fun! If not, leave us be. The key is to open and explore the mind and deal with problems with and/or without hallucinogens, not bringing a condensating tone. I do agree, however, that things done too often is bad. I know that very well. I'm smarter than you think, I just don't have a lot of confidence. Let's just all get along and give each other confidence and express ourselves in a clear tone. Why not become mayor if you want to tell people things? Peace!
  9. The trance feels nice. It's probably because it's there but not so insistent upon itself. 70mg DXM is great. I remembered the small sip in between the 2 doses. Things seem simpler and nicer. Maybe I should test it out on cartoon tribute videos and trip videos.
    Here's something for your enjoyment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rUMa8bFbqo"]Family Guy - S05E14 - I've seen some things, man, and some stuff - YouTube

    I wish hallucinogenics were all legal and available. It's their illegality that makes most hallucinogens and dangerous. I think that things that are less harmful than alcohol should be legally available, but the system doesn't like that because they feed off of fear. They patch up all the glitches in this matrix. There are glitches they'll never get to patch up. If hand in molten lead(the leidenfrost effect) was a patchable glitch, I can almost guarantee they'll patch it up.
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    That dosage would probably help with a mild cough. But if you're in a trance on that amount you must have a low tolerance. People generally take a lot more, sometimes over 1000mg.
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    I'm on about 45mgs of DMX as well, as well as some pseudoephedrine and guanifisen. For a cough and congestion :D. Increase your dose by about a factor of ten to begin entering the lighter dissociative states. My favorite DXM dose was 650mg.
  12. I found out it contains 10% alcohol. I don't want my brain to be filled with scary thoughts and negative emotions again. I want to dextro again. I hate being afraid and sad and paranoid since I graduated high school. It keeps piling on. I just wish there was a pill to get rid of fear and depression that would give me indestructability. My life keeps getting worse and worse. I hate how crappy high school was and I hate where I live. I hate feeling like a helpless loser who can never do what they want without senseless sad and fearful thoughts filling my head. The neighborhood sucks. It all sucks! I hate that there's no hallucinogens available. The only time I can be at peace with myself is when I trip, but there never anything around
  13. I found out it contains 10% alcohol. I don't want my brain to be filled with scary thoughts and negative emotions again. I want to dextro again. I hate being afraid and sad and paranoid since I graduated high school. It keeps piling on. I just wish there was a pill to get rid of fear and depression that would give me indestructability. there's never hallucinogens
  14. I thought the post didn't go through and that's why there's the other post. I need to go back to college and study chemistry and mathematics. I've taken an interest in organic chemistry lately. However, if I don't try go to college, I can never follow my dreams. I think I want to become a pharmaceutical chemist who also does chemistry and calculations for fun in their spare time. I've always found carbon based molecules to be interesting as well as a few non-carbon based molecules. Organic chemistry seems interesting to me. The only way I could do my first organic chemical reaction is to go and start college. I have great ideas. I just need experience and a degree. I've wasted too much time. I've began to realize that a relationship is not the pinnacle of humanity. Rather, it's the collective gathering and application of thoughts and ideas within a newly created sub-society based on the paradigm of peace, respect, love, knowledge, experimentation of life changing molecules while not using conformist molecules, and others. Why must we keep accepting the governmental kool-aid(booze) instead of abtaining or limiting it while using hallucinogenics and other tools to explore and improve the inner parts of our mind to unleash the inner smart hippie. We must not be fearful of being the one that has different interest and like quote on quote "loserly" things. It's all easier said than done. In a world where peace is rarer and rarer, we may one day have nowhere else to turn.
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    How much do you weigh? I'm just surprised you can feel anything at all from less than 100mgs
  16. Hedgeclipper

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    that's not a lot of dxm

    ...wait I'm not the first person to have said that

    oh wait it's a troll post, isn't it?
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    I ate 16 30 mg coricidins yesterday n all it did was put me to sleep.. I love mind altering experiences n alternate universes but this did nothing for me!! Trust me if I could get my hands on sum dodes or d.o.b or dmt id b in heaven! What did I do wrong with this? Y didnt I have a semi journey? Could it b im on a low dose of klonopin or is coricidin not the right way to go? Plz I ask for guidance from my other journeymen n women.. Thx peace n love!
  18. Mr.Writer

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    Coricidin is VERY TOXIC and can kill you. Please do your research dude. And yes, Clonazepam blocks the effects of psychedelics and dissociatives. Please do your reseach.
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    When I took it with my cold., I had consumed some 1000mg DXM in 24hours. I was tripping my ass off.. raccoon were feeling the vibe and come and eat cookies with me. was a fucking blast.. cold diminished and I took around 100mg DXM.. just made me feel all sick and itchy. So Ive come to this personal conclusion that the drug works wonders with the rhino virus. but isnt shit to fuck with on its own..
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    hahaha, he must be flying.

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