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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by marquee, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. marquee

    marquee Member

    with stoners everywhere. ive been on a marathon and ive been high every day for the past 30 days. its incredible how happy i am. im not worried about my grades or what anyone thinks of me; im just completely happy. everytime i meet someone i ask them if they wanna go smoke a joint and immediatly weve bonded. its like theres a connection between anyone who smokes, you can feel it when your passing that joint back and forth. man, its awesome being happy. i think im gonna go jerk off.
  2. AreYouExperienced

    AreYouExperienced American Victim

    I love you too. ;)
  3. Talk to me when its been 3000 days in a row
  4. LuciferSam

    LuciferSam Member

    Heh till today I spent the last 9-10 days being high, longest stretch I've ever done, I don't normally get stoned all the time. But now my tolerance is freaking incredible so I'm holding off or else getting high will be too expensive.
  5. Eden

    Eden Member

    tolerance blows! any ideas on how to speed up the process? i want my tolerance to be significantly lower by the gathering.

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