I'm in a Secular State of Mind

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Major Peacenik, Dec 31, 2004.

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    Again... lyrixx. Check it. :);)

    I'm in a Secular State of Mind
    My memory rewinds, and I go
    Back in time
    To long ago, before I was designed
    And I
    Breathe deep in the pantomime
    I'm in a secular state of mind

    Surrender your thought,
    Surrender your flow
    Sit back and pass out and let your head go
    Life is so easy, conducted from bed
    You know all the answers, so why not be dead

    You say you'll be open,
    While knowing you shan't
    The hair on your chinny-chin chin says you can't
    Punch out a window, or open a door
    The wolf's not there to blow down your wall anymore

    My friend, she says, "you're blind," but I say,
    "Not this time."
    The Church is as important as a Shinto Shrine
    They're just
    Good ways to keep the folks in line
    I'm in a secular state of mind

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