I'm getting the idea that my parents don't approve...

Discussion in 'Bare It!' started by Ocean Byrd, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    Of my new found love for being barefoot. We went on vacation last week and they told me to wear shoes, so I did for two days and finally got to go barefoot when we were at the great sand dunes (I live in Colorado, BTW). Then we come back today and I decide, "Fuck it, I'll just follow my friend barefoot." because we stopped so my dad could pick up some tobacco and my friend wanted to check his work schedule. I walked in, no one so much as acknowledged the fact that I was barefoot (except for my friends aunt and uncle, who happened to be there).

    This is where I question their views: I come out, and climb back in our SUV. My brother starts off by saying, "No shirt, no shoes, no service." and I just tell him that I wasn't looking for service anyhow. Then my mom cuts in and says that that has always been a rule of hers (which she must have neglected to ever mention before, now). She then notes, sarcastically I assume, that she'll disown me, so I respond like a smart ass and my dad asks me whether I think this is Iraq or not. I tell him no, it's America, and last I checked, you were free to not wear shoes.

    SUMMARY: I think my parents consider me being barefoot hurts their reputation in some way or another; any suggestions on how to explain to them that it's not just some phase?
  2. Becknudefck

    Becknudefck Senior Member

    dude thats fucked up. do it anyways to piss them off even more or tell them that it is more comfortable to do.
  3. backtothelab

    backtothelab Senior Member

    My dad is a real ass about it, and he won't come out and say it. Thats the worst part. He does everything he can to get me to put shoes on. Like, ill be out in the yard, and he'll be watering the grass, and i swear that he actually waters around me, so i have to walk into it, like it's some kind of problem for me. Or he'll be like, "go put some shoes on and get the mail", with the idea being that i can't walk on our gravel driveway, which i can. He has to throw "go get some shoes on" infront of everything, like living without a pair of shoes on all the time is impossible. it drives me crazy it does.
  4. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    I talked to my mom about it and she said that she didn't approve because she thought it was indecent. WTF!? So now decency = less personal comfort? I personally cannot stand shoes anymore.
  5. Muzz

    Muzz Member

    People are offended by flesh. Regardless of what part it is.
  6. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    Ya, well people need to grow up. My little brother isn't comfortable changing with anyone else in the vacinity; it's like he's afraid people are going to make fun of him or something. At least my friend isn't afraid to do some skinny dipping; good times there.
  7. yeah.. mine too.. not as severly as yours though, like theyre fine with me going barefoot around the house and shit.. but if we ever go like to a store or school, theyre all like no, its against the law.. blah blah blah, and in parking lots, and on the street. i think they dont want me to look controverial in public, depends on what, like my dad auctally took me to a protest supporting gay marriage, and my mom says i cant wear a pair or pants to school cause they were "wrinkled" (i hadnt even worn them.. just folded them...) cause it wasnt right in school.. well i guess thats my mom being more egh... than my dad.. well she also thinks that i should be able to be accepted in society, so no dreads, no "ratty" clothing, no pants that ive worn once before with a little bit of dirt on the bottoms, no jeans with the smallest of holes on it, no pj pants, no fishnets, no safety pins, no shirts that show the slightest of my midriff, no clothes ive worn more man 12 hours.... i dont know.. oh now.. look how much ive ranted... sorry..
  8. Sage-Phoenix

    Sage-Phoenix Imagine

    For some reason parents can't be so anal about the dumbest things. Ask them (oh so nicely of course) why they have issues then reasure them.

    Check out www.barefooters.org it's a fab site. It go me hooked and has loads of great info.

  9. Sax_Machine

    Sax_Machine saxbend

    I posted the following in another thread. It didn't seem to get much attention, but now there's a more appropriate topic I thought i'd repost it.

  10. minjeig

    minjeig Member

    man that sucks... when i started doing it my mom decided it looked comfy and tried it too, now we're both addicted :)
  11. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    That's funny how your mom thinks that you're dragging more dirt in when your barefoot than if you'd have worn shoes. You bring in just as much, my mom used that on me too. I know my parents would have had a fit if I'd tried going to The Prisoner of Azkaban barefoot; and that was just earlier today.
  12. Sax_Machine

    Sax_Machine saxbend

    Ah, but you see I'd take my shoes OFF when coming into the house.
  13. I made it a habit to always take off my shoes whenever possible. my house is a take off your shoes please zone. when you enter you will see to your left the mighty shoe rack on wich to place your shoes for your visit. My friends respect this and always remove them at the door. Me too. I love being barefoot!
  14. peacefuljeffrey

    peacefuljeffrey Senior Member

    Sorry to hear of your difficulty with your family.

    Do NOT change to suit other people whose minds are small and locked into a sort of retardedness. That would be like if everyone else were stealing and molesting kids, even though you knew they were wrong for it, you decided to steal and molest kids too, just to please people who are wrong! You have to ask yourself, "Why, when I know they are wrong -- or at least they are overstepping their own authority (which ends at my body) -- would I even entertain the idea of changing to conform to their demands?!"

    As far as "indecent" goes, it sounds like your mom is acting "igNORant." Does she figure that her own petty little definition of what is indecent or not is what should be imposed on everyone around her?? So WHAT if SHE feels it's "indecent": all that means is that SHE should not go barefoot. But unless she figures that she has some sort of dictatorial authority over everyone else, it looks like she'll have to get used to the fact that some people are gonna be barefoot.

    I can't imagine why she feels that bare feet are "indecent." Are they a "sex part"? NO. By a "community standard" (the typical way in which things are judged to be decent or indecent) are bare feet "indecent"? NO. There is no way she can uphold or get official sanction for her definition of feet being indecent, so she's on her own.

    I'd recommend you have a calm discussion with your folks about this and ask them to get to the heart of their big objection to your going barefoot, but I don't think there's much reason to expect they'll be fair and rational and objective about this. I suspect that it's just about them being uncomfortable with anything that is not totally conventional. That's all that barefooting is: unconventional. It is certainly not immoral, unclean, dangerous, inconsiderate, impolite...or illegal. Point all that out to her. See what she says. If she starts giving you the "spreads diseases...brings dirt in..." crap, ask her why no one objects to people wearing shoes in restaurants, when they haven't cleaned their shoes in, like, ever, or ask her to specify what diseases you're likely to spread (or even catch) because of your bare feet. When she can't name a legitimate ONE example, tell her that there is therefore no reason for you to dignify her objection on those grounds. (BTW if she says "fungus," that's not legitimate because you WON'T catch/spread fungus being barefoot, since it takes the environment of shoes for the fungus to infect you.)

    Wish you luck.

    Blue skies,
  15. peacefuljeffrey

    peacefuljeffrey Senior Member

    That is so cool!!!

    I'm glad for you! Yours is (around here, anyway) the rare success story to make us smile!

    I personally am out of the parents' house and stuff, on my own, so I am beholden to nobody regarding what I wear, when I come and go, etc. But I sympathize with the people who have parents or others telling them how to be.

    Blue skies,
  16. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    Thanks, that's really helpful. She only seems to mind when I go into a public place barefoot; so I may confront her about that if it comes up again. My brother gave me that fungus bullshit; of which I shoved off saying that there was no way for fungus to cultivate without a moist enviroment. My parents were worried that I'd cut my feet up on vacation, which was rather stupid as I do have eyes and I think I'd know what to avoid. I'll keep going barefoot as long as I like it, which I really do. I can remember trying to go barefoot a long time ago, when I was like 8 or 9, I just chose to walk around barefoot for the day. My mom told me off then for it too, I don't remember what she mentioned. 3rd times the charm I suppose, I'll make it clear that I'll barefoot wherever and whenever I want.
  17. peacefuljeffrey

    peacefuljeffrey Senior Member

    Exactly! You're not asking or demanding that any other person do anything at all -- just let you be, and letting someone be takes zero effort at all.

    No one should have a care about it unless it stands to affect them personally, and since it doesn't, it should be your decision alone.

    Hey, does your mom ever wear high heels? Tell her that you forbid her to wear them, because they are harmful to the health of her feet and back, and that MANY ankle injuries are due to the danger of falling while wearing them. Then when she balks at your orders, ask her how it feels to have someone else trying to run her life and denying her the right to run it herself. :p

    Good luck.

    Blue skies,
  18. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    Ya, I'd pull that with my occasional bud smokage but I know she'd jump on the problem fad that is going around now.
  19. crashandburn

    crashandburn Member

    I live out in the country so it's a sort of way of life for me and my sister. She's really crazy about it though. She'll walk on black rocky gravel about 2 in the afternoon when it's around 95 degrees like it's satin or something. Yet for me, I can take prickers and needles a lot better than she can. She freaks over walking in thick grass where stickers could be and always has me walk in front of her. My foot is just so rough and thick from so much barefooting it doesn't bother me ever.
  20. misc

    misc Member

    Walking around barefoot lowers your sress level. Believe it or not...

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