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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Roark, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Roark

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    Alright so heres the situation. I've know this girl for a little more than half a year. We were not good friends until the past two months or so. She started hitting on me one day, and that was strange so i figured shes interested. But this girl is like a dog you know, like when a dog thinks is it just thinking dog thoughts or is it thinking human thoughts like, hey were almost out of dog food. And i'm not stupid when it comes to women and blah blah blah, everyone agrees shes too hard to read. SOOOO, anyway I wasn't interested in her for a while because she didn't strike me as someone I wanted any kind of intimacy with. So then I find out shes moving into a place with two good friends of mine, and theres an open spot in her room. I've been dying to move out for over a year now and this house has low rent and no lease involved, which is what I've been looking for. So she said she didn't mind if i moved in. So for a month before I moved in I'd be at the house from time to time to drink and smoke or whatever with my friends and obviously she was there too. So time went by she keeps sending me weird mixed signals, one day she talks to me and is affectionate, next she might as well not realize that I exist. So I'm guessing shes being a tease kind of, but it pisses me off more than anything really because I hate that shit. So now that I've moved in we spend a lot more time around eachother, and I've gotten to know her a little better, and well I've fallen, hard. So we have gone places the two of us a few times, but she still constantly changes her attidude toward me. So basically we're just playing games with eachother, and I have to admit that pisses me off worse than anything else in the world, I've played those games too many times and I'm fucking done with them. So its a weird situation since we share a room and a house so I've tried to show her I like her without being straight foward so it doesn't get weird and one of us moves out or anything, but like i said I'm a really blunt and straight forward person so this is what I'm gonna do. Were supposed to go see a movie later this week, so afterward I'm just gonna say to her "don't freak out" and kiss her. If she really is into me then shit will be cool, but if shes not at least i got an answer and I can put the idea out of my head. So I appreciate any opinions, I'm sure most will probably say I'm dumb, but I take chances, thats how I roll.
  2. bigmannn

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    Do what you gotta do man. A movie may not be the best place because if it doesn't go well its going to be an awkward movie. I'd say maybe wait until after the movie if your in the car on the way home. I'd say theirs a couple things you could do. Maybe if you get her a little jealous see how she responds. If you involve alcohol you could blame that. But given your situation living with her, i would not say its the smartest idea, but hey do watcha gotta do.
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    Girls are crazy man. They are. They play games, never really know what they want, and will drag you into it until you want to jump of a bridge. My advice to you is be blunt with her... find out if she's actually interested. If she gives you some wishy washy answer I would honestly advise you to move out. It sounds pretty crazy but she will drive you nuts if she keeps you in limbo like that... you can't live like that.
  4. missie

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    Honestly I don’t do things just to play with a guy’s mind. I have been in situations where I’ve been attacked to someone. Every now and then when it doesn’t seem too obvious I’d look for ways to talk to him and spend time with him. Like on outings with friends or birthday parties etc getting to know him and so on. But I found that when I do spend time with him – I like him more.

    So instead of appearing too keen and looking like an idiot… I would back off and cool it down a bit, reducing the amount of attention I would show him from a little, to a lot, to completely showing nothing at all. It’s a self preservation thing – I hope you understand.

    I’m not a girl who can handle full-on-directness. Particularly at the beginning of a friendship with romantic potential – that would totally freak me out. I’m not one to move to fast into a committed relationship either – I want to know what the guy’s intensions are, if there is any danger here… hence the habit of putting on the breaks as soon as I get the hint that things are picking up speed. Some guys think I’m a flirt and get frustrated, others think its ‘playing hard to get’, and most just pass judgment without being bothered to understand the real reason behind my behaviour.

    You would think a guy would want to get to know you better before cracking a few moves on you, anyways… :p

    I can’t say that every girl is like me, or whether your girl is like me at all. But I just wanted to provide you some insight to how a girl’s mind works. Not all girls are manipulative soul suckers. We do have our reasons - we are not perfect and please be patient – especially if you do genuinely like us :eek:
  5. raz5

    raz5 زینب

    girls are crazy, she probably see's some sort of interest from you and likes to have the attention on the side and when she notices you're not as interested that's when she flirts; i had a friend like that... keyword Had

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